Will Case be a NY Giant of Football?

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I think this discussion deserves a new thread, because it doesn’t relate to this season, but the next…

Here is the breaking news from NFL.com:

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How is the Giants OL?


I don’t know if Case is going to go with Shurmur or not, but he sure is going to get paid this offseason. Couldn’t happen to a better guy.

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Personally, I don’t think the Vikings will be inclined to let Case go that easy. I think they pay him, and I think Case wants to stay. The guy has already reached legend status in Minnesota.

However, if NY pulls the trigger on a Manning exit, I can see NY making a major play for Keenum.

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They have a lot of good pieces. They underperformed this year. Eli still has a couple of years in him, so I don’t know if Case to NY makes sense unless NY gets rid of Manning.


I don’t want to see Case in NY, not a good fit

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I think yesterday was a game changer for Keenum in Minnesota. He stays. Either way he gets PAID.


I don’t think Zimmer believes in Case and he already has Bridgewater and Bradford. The question is which two do they keep and which one do they say goodbye to.


Just out of curiosity, what makes you think Zimmer doesn’t believe in Case? I like Bradford, but anyone willing to pay him starter money at this point is foolish. The guy has proven he can’t stay healthy. Bridgewater is a giant question mark until he proves he can come back from his injury. Case is the only one that is objectively verifiable at this point. If he takes them to and/or wins a Super Bowl, I honestly don’t know how you let him get away unless another team has more cap space and backs up the Brinks truck.


Its a feeling. Zimmer still has not named Case as his starter, its week to week. When interviewed before the game he was already talking about when he would pull Case. After the game he mentioned that he didn’t think Case played very well. It just seems to me he is looking for an excuse to pull Case.


Gotcha. I never watch head coach interviews so I missed that. Unless he’s saying that to throw everyone off and make teams think they have to game plan for someone else, that’s a terrible way to treat the guy who got you to where you are. I’m hoping he’s telling Case behind the scenes that all that crap doesn’t mean anything. Of course, it doesn’t seem to be affecting the way Case has played, so who knows.


Going to be interesting to see what the Viks do. When the season ends they have zero QB’s under contract. They’re going to have to choose between high priced Bridgewater, Bradford, and now Case.

Not sure of their cap space or other free agency situations but if I were them I’d try to keep two of the above if possible (but i doubt that is now that Case’s value is most likely way up).


Zimmer still isn’t sold on Case. He said to a reporter at halftime he wanted better QB play. What? And, with Shurmur gone, who is to say Zimmer doesn’t hire a OC that won’t use Case in a scheme that gives him room to improvise?

If Shurmur went to Nashville and the Titans, he’s got a run-and-gun QB in Marriota who isn’t even 25 years old. Cardinals? Yeah, that would work. NY? I’d love to see it but you know that Eli gets another year under center.

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I think the Broncos will also try to sign Case as Elways is impressed with his play this season.


I was thinking the same thing.

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The website spotrac keeps tabs on players salaries, and calculates projected contracts based on data culled from similar performers.

Case’s worth has now ballooned to over $21m annually. About six weeks ago it was $15m per for three years.

Now it’s $84m over four years.
We’ll have to see which team has the cap to sign him at this figure.


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The Vikings have lots of cap room.

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Hold on… hold on…

Zimmer also chewed ass (edit found it: https://www.google.com/amp/s/thevikingage.com/2017/12/11/watch-zimmer-tired-being-asked-about-keenum-starting/amp/) in early December when a reporter in a post-game presser asked if Keenum was going to be the starter the next week. He said something to the effect of, do I have to tell you Elflein is going to be a starter? Do I have to tell you whether Harrison is going to be a starter? Then why do I have to tell you whether Case Keenum is going to be a starter?

No one has dared ask that question again. Partially due to Keenum’s play and partly due to Zimmer.

Also, Bradford has been active the last three weeks (two games), but has not seen the field. If Keenum stays, Bradford is getting cut, and Bridgewater signed to a lower contract or released. If Teddy is released, then keep Sloter and bring in another backup for Case.


My remarks are not about what I want but rather what I have seen, read, and heard. I want Case to land in the best position to allow him to continue to be a top QB in the league.


Case Keenum is now - and always has been - one of the very best quarterbacks in the NFL. The problem has been that the coaches and owners are stupid!