With all things considered... Is an NY6 out of reach now?

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Until we spanked that @$$!!



Fresno State or UCF will take it all this year


obviously we have to win out

UCF has to stay undefeated.

If Fresno loses, are we back in the race?


I think Fresno State would have to lose twice, UCF stay undefeated, and we would have to win out. If Fresno State only loses once, UCF stays undefeated, and we win out they will hold last year‘s bowl game over our head and Fresno State will get the NY6 bowl.


If we don’t play a whole lot better this week, a western division AAC finish might soon be out of reach.

We should all be concerned about that right now, and not worry too much about what may or may not happen in another 4 to 6 weeks.


Completely agree. Just responding to his specific question.

Honestly I think we are in real trouble. The blueprint to beat our defense has been out there, now the one for our offense is too. To compound that we have 5 key players out to injury.


We might lose Saturday and it’s over.

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We are not losing to Tulane! We would have won yesterday if we had even just played an average game offensively. I don’t see our offense going into the tank like that two games in a row.


We have to pass the ball. If we do the 45 times we win.


That’s correct. Temple has the best rated defense that we will have faced all year. And our defense is really banged up. Thankfully it’s a home game, but that is not a very good combination for success.

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Saturday, 6 PM will be quite a challenge. It will say a lot about the heart of this team and set the tone for what is left of the season.


But it is highly, highly unlikely.

We would have to win out.

Whoever wins the MWC would have to finish with 3 losses (lose 2 more games).

And the Sun Belt & MAC champ would have have to finish with 2 losses (lose another game).

The chances of all of that happening are less than 1%.

But it’s “possible.”


i wouldn’t say that

  • all sunbelt teams aready have 2 losses
  • only 1 1-loss c-usa, uab and they lost to an fcs…and still have to play a&m
  • only 1 1-loss mac left…and their schedule is horrible, buffalo…huge chance we jump them simply winning out (committee harps on schedule)

the mwc is where it gets tricky

  • we are 100% in over a 2 loss Utah state (their schedule is horrible)…they still have to play Boise
  • we are very likely to be in over a 2 loss Fresno, if ucf is undefeated when we play them…still have sdsu and Boise
  • it’s 50-50 if we would get in over a 2-loss sdsu
  • 80% chance boise gets in over us at 2-loss

more or less we need a 2 loss champ from the mwc as long as it is not Boise

those arent crazy odds, a&m will be a double digit favorite on uab


Coastal Carolina isn’t FCS anymore. They’re a Sun Belt school now.


While I admire the wishful thinkers on this site, most of the pragmatic minded fans know that a NY6 bowl is over. At this point, our goal is to win the balance of our games including the AAC East Champion for the conference championship.


There have been 2 loss G5 ny6 teams before

The CFP committee said they would have put a 3loss Memphis over a 1 loss Marshall 3 years ago

There is literally only 1 conference that is preventing us from really being in it and that conference, the MWC has never had a 1 loss champions in the CFP era.
They also backloaded their schedule, not a single top mwc team has played another yet besides SDSU/boise

History and probability says we are definitely in it, it is beyond wishful thinking


Why the heck is anyone talking about a NY6 bowl in two months? We have to play Temple this Saturday. Lose this game or Tulane or Memphis and we will be playing Liberty in the Toilet Bowl. Let us focus on the here and now and let the rest take care of it self.

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That’s funny don’t care who you are :rofl:


No, its is not impossible because the committee is looking for a team that is ranked 120th in defense.

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:rofl: that’s funny, don’t care who ya are