10 of 10 on Free Throws Tonight

Perfect on free throws tonight. Too bad we didn’t get to the line more. UConn shot 23 more free throws.


And made 15 more. There’s the game in a nutshell.


Unfortunately, we always seem to play teams that DO NOT foul !!

Funny how that works…and most of the time on the road !!

Will be interesting to see how the tourney is called in Fort Worth. !!!


Interestingly, we shot 23 more field goals.

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Do you think a fg is an easier attempt at points than a free throw? On free throws literally no one is playing defense. Bad rebuttal.


I think making 3 more buckets is not too much to ask for. Unfortunately I could only watch the first half. I remember 3 or 4 missed layups. Sasser going 1-12 didn’t help either.

Or Harris with no rebounds or blocked shots. Then again he only played 10 minutes

What if both missing shots and unbalanced officiating are happening at the same time? That’s basically what happened last night…and… Seems to me they are, or at least can be, related.

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No, missing shots and “unbalanced officiating” are not related. They each stand alone.

I can only speak to the first half. I haven’t watched the 2nd half, and I probably won’t. Were there bad calls? Yes. Was it both sides? Yes. Was it horrid? Not really.

The fact is, we play more of a perimeter game. That leads to fewer shooting fouls. Make layups, we win.

Blaming refs for losses is for losers. Taking accountability is what winners do.

I’ll start blaming the officials when Coach Sampson does.


I was more disgusted with the announcers than I was the officials.


Yes. UH is averaging .97 pts per FGA and .73 pts per FTA. Field goals are worth more points than free throws.

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We lost because we we shot 26 for 71 and had 12 turnovers. We had 16 offensive rebounds out of 41 and still couldn’t put the ball in. We were 9 of 26 from 3 point, probably 5 or 6 of those makes were at the end when the game was out of hand and they were told not to foul.


While they scored 15 pts at the FT line in the second half, we gave up 47 pts total in the second half.

Is that the most this year in a half ??

lol The value of the bucket does not change the difficulty in which it can be obtained.

Again, it’s hard to play good defense when the refs are so loose with their whistles. When they let us play, we win. When they call foul calls on Coog players for blowing on the opposition, then we lose. It happened vs Tulsa, Cinci, and last night. And to be honest I noticed the same thing against Kentucky.

It’s hard to believe that CKS in all of his wisdom of coaching stout defensive teams can’t get his team from committing 24 fouls. We’ll probably miraculously have better defense at home, even though defense is supposed to travel well.

I didn’t think we’d win that game last night, and I’m not calling it a conspiracy, but the calls were not even and that impacted our entire team.


FGA are more valuable than FTA. It is easier to score points with FGA than with FTA. That is what you asked, unless you’re trying to equate 1 pt with 2-3 pt. But that would just be idiotic.

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lol Ok I’m done.

You just don’t get many foul calls shooting from the arc.

A difficult concept for some, it appears.

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I have a solution for the referee problem.

Big problems started when they went to 3 referees many years ago !!

I propose FOUR (4) referees…

2 for the first half… and a different 2 for the second half :sunglasses:

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