100 3s next year

Saw something that we have had a player make 100 threes each year the past few years. Who will it be this year?

I would say Sasser or Edwards

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Sasser will get there for sure.

I think they are both candidates! There has been so much talk about all of our depth, it will be interesting to see how the playing time effects # of 3 pointers made. If those 2 guys are making a high % of 3’s, I am sure the amt of depth on this team won’t matter as much!


How many more 3s you think kyler will shoot a game? He made 56 3s last year and shot almost 5 a game. I don’t know if he hits 44 more that’s a massive jump, but I hope so :joy::joy:

He could pull a Davis and shoot 7 a game at 43% and get it.

not that massive a jump , when you consider the difference in styles…
the main core of our offense is 3pt-er…not the case at texas tech,

grimes, corey, armoni, sasser all shot over 8 a game, and dotson was just under 8…

we look for 3s first in our offense, fast break- looking for the 3, offensive rebound- kicking out for a 3, point guard drives- looking for someone to kick out for a 3… in our offense he will definitely shoot over 8 a game … nate who wasnt a shooter took about 5 a game. if he maintains his 40% from 3, he will 100% get over a 100 (assuming he doesnt miss games)

sasser shoots 8 a game already (likely to increase next season), just gettting him over 36% (barely passable) will get him 100- was only 20 shy last season…despite shooting 33% and less game than a traditional year

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The thing all those players had going for them was that they were 1 of the only 2 main scorers on their teams. I am not saying it’s impossible for Kyler to get 100+, I’m just saying that I don’t know if he will shoot 8 3s a game with this team. Our team next year will be the most well rounded scoring team Sampson has had at UH in my opinion. I think Mark has a big jump and score about 12 a game. I also think Fabian will be at 10-12 a game. I think we can all agree Sasser will be somewhere around 14ppg. Some people think he will average 15-16. My thing is just I don’t know how many 3s he will shoot, not if he can do it, he definitely can and I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. Just Kyler could vary well be our 3rd or 4th best scorer

Why limit it to just one or just those two?

we insanely rely on 3s .sampson teams have one of the most disproportionate 3pt to 2pt ratios in the nation… most sampson years have multiple players over 8 3s a game… next years team has 1 proven consistent shooter in kyler, i dont know how he doesnt touch 8 3s a game, not unless he is jumped in the depth chart… we run a ton of set plays to get 3s, i have to believe they will be set up for kyler next season…

Are you saying that Kyler should get 8 3’s a game? 24 points in 3’s? What?

And that Sasser isn’t a consistent 3 pt shooter?

What is going on ?

That is going to send me to bed early.

He is saying 8 attempts and talking about how many we attempt in this offense that last several years.

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Hit 56 in a shortened season. I don’t think We’ll rely as much on the three next season, 100 will be tough but I do think Sasser can get there.

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What you think the PPG spread will be. If Sasser and Kyler both hit 100+ 3s they have to be at like 13+

if sasser is did 100+ 3 he likely has some good percentages… i think he is 17+ in that scenerio
i think kyler will have a year similar to corey junior year. i think around 13
Fabian 10 to 12

it basically like throwing darts in the dark for the rest… hard to predict how much improved of a shooter shead and mark will be …or what carlton will do…or the impact of the freshmen

That means Mark wouldn’t jump much in the PPG column

why not?
tramon has 8 now…

this was on the assuming sasser has the percentages to get 100…
i said 17, 13, 10…
lets look at baylor- their top scores were 17, 16, 14, 9, 8

assuming everyone has good percentages there still alot of points on the table for mark to jump

If Sasser getting 17, Kyler getting 13, Fabian getting 10, Mark wouldn’t make much of a jump from 8. Baylor also averaged 83 a game which we probably are not doing lol

I think we see much less dependence on the three. But our percentage will be higher. With Carlton and White I think we’ll see Sampson feed the ball down low more like he did when we had Brady. Also Chaney and Roberts getting some rebound put backs. With Mark and Taz Moore we have guys who will attack and be more mid range guys. This should give Sasser and Edwards better looks. And when Shead is in at PG I think we’ll play faster and run.