#2 UH vs #1 Baylor - NCAA Tournament - 4/3 @ 4:14PM CBS

Ken Pom sees it as a 51/49 Baylor edge…predicts the Bears by 1. I’d be thrilled if the game was that close. I like our chances in a close 1. We have a coaching edge IMO.


Hope you’re right. A low-scoring game would benefit us.

Baylor opens at -5

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I hope we murder them!

Too soon?

National reporters are attacking Sampson for text messages when our opponent covered up a player on player murder and then decided to frame the dead guy as a drug dealing thug.


can we stop giving the negative articles clicks? there are more positive ones than negative, yet we shine to much light on the negative ones


We’re a thin skinned group. Gotta ignore the negative.


Or we can say we beat the teams that beat the #1, #3, and #4 seeds.


It wouldn’t shock me if this was a 45-44 final or a 62-60 final. I can see this being a low scoring great defensive game and I can also see this being a higher scoring game either way it will be a great game!

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I see The Bleacher Report is as terrible today as it was when they first started.

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Happy to have arrived at the Final Four. If we’re looking to get to the Final Two … better get our offense in gear, or we can be satisfied with just the new Final Four banner

My response to anyone who complains about who we beat?

Seed better.


Arky was practically playing no defense. We will give them a much harder time. I’m excited for it either way


The 1st half Coogs will beat Baylor.

The 2nd half Coogs will lose to Baylor.


You have us winning it all over the Zags, right?

I thought we were a second half team?

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Yep, my final 4 was Us, Baylor, Zags, and Bama. I was wrong on Bama but so far I have half right! I even had Baylor and Arky in that region, however I was off in the other 3


I have been getting tired of seeing this gif but I thought it was pretty funny that he updated it: :joy:


May it be spoken into existence!!

Name it and claim it baby!

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