2019 Redshirt Tracker Updated through Cincinnati

Removed Dennis Bardwell from the potential upperclassmen list as he played in his 5th game against Cincinnati.

Transfers Sitting Out 2019 Season
LB Eyabi Anoma, Alabama, 3 years eligibility remaining
WR Bryson Jackson, TCU, 3 years eligibility remaining
CB Marcus Jones, Troy, 2 years eligibility remaining
S Hasaan Hypolite, Colorado, 3 years eligibility remaining
CB Kelvin Clemmons, Minnesota, 2 years eligibility remaining
S Thabo Mwaniki, Oklahoma State, 2 years eligibility remaining

Upperclassmen Confirmed to be Redshirting
QB D’Eriq King
WR Keith Corbin
LB Elijah Gooden (season-ending surgery)
OL Braylon Jones (season-ending surgery)

Potential Upperclassmen Redshirt Candidates
QB Clayton Tune (2 games played, North Texas/Cincinnati)
CB Collin Samuel
LB Zamar Kirven (4 games played, Washington State/Tulane/North Texas/Cincinnati)
LB Willie Smith III
RB Mulbah Car (2 games played, Oklahoma/Tulane)
DL Taures Payne (3 games played, Prairie View/Washington State/North Texas)

True Freshman
QB Logan Holgorsen (3 games played, Prairie View/North Texas/Cincinnati)
WR Ke’Andre Street
S Ronald Nunnery
CB Deondre Dansby
RB Terrell Brown (1 game played, Cincinnati)
OL Cam’Ron Johnson
OL Patrick Paul
OL Chayse Todd
DL Nelson Caeser


That’s 25 kids with potential to redshirt.
That’s getting an entire class in as RS.
Reminds me of Yeoman in 1975.
Redshirted EVERYONE as he was prepping for the next years in the SWC.
Of which he won conference titles in 3 of first 4 years.


I’m glad that Sidelines pointed out the Yeoman strategy in '75. If all 25 wind up redshirting, next year should provide the opportunity to redshirt all of the incoming Freshmen. I still think that this years team can win enough to make a minor bowl with the current roster.


Looks like the defensive secondary will be stacked next year for the Coogs and LB will have good depth!


The reverse will be said about the offense. This seesaw action is killing me!

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I thought the most important quote Dana had on redshirting and I’m paraphrasing, “We have to get a handle on this red shirt program. We have guys who will run out of eligibility before graduating”.


Could that scare off some recruits?

Your best players should always play. If that is a freshman, then you put him in the game.

On the other hand we’re building the program and (other than for a few skill positions) rarely is a freshman going to be the best player available to play.


Add King to the redshirt list.



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Do you think Dana will communicate which players are RS now with King and Corbin? Or are we left to wonder and eliminate some as the season progresses?

We need a list of players who cannot take advantage of a redshirt season this year even if they play 4 or fewer games (e.g. all of the RS-Freshman, players who sat out a season because of injury or transfer rules, etc…)

Ineligible for redshirt
WR Bryson Smith (reshirted 2016)
S Deontay Anderson (redshirted 2017)
DL Leroy Godfrey (redshirted 2015)
WR Marquez Stevenson (redshirted 2017 due to injury)
LB Jordan Carmouche (redshirted 2016 at SMU)
RB Chandler Smith (redshirted 2016)
WR Jeremy Singleton (redshirted 2017)
WR Terry Mark (sat out 2015 to qualify academically)
WR Julon Williams (redshirted 2018)
RB Patrick Carr (redshirted 2016)
RB Kelan Walker (redshirted 2018)
WR Ja’Kori Morgan (redshirted 2018)
WR Henry Thomas (redshirted 2018)
S Amaud Willis-Dalton (redshirted 2017)
RB Josh Burrell (redshirted 2015)
S Darius Gilbert (redshirted 2015)
DL Alexander Duke (redshirted 2017)
DL Derek Parish (redshirted 2017)
S Garrison Vaughn (redshirted 2018)
CB Johnathan Phenix (redshirted 2018)
S Jordan Moore (redshirted 2018)
CB Shaun Lewis (redshirted 2017)
LB DeKalen Goodson (redshirted 2018)
LB Jordan Milburn (redshirted 2015)
TE Spencer Wells (redshirted 2018)
K Dalton Witherspoon (redshirted 2017)
OL Dixie Wooten (redshirted 2017)
OT Jarrid Williams (redshirted 2015)
OG Gio Pancotti (redshirted 2016 at Texas Tech)
OL Max Banes (redshirted 2018)
OG Justin Murphy (redshirted 2014 at Texas Tech)
OL Kameron Lewis (redshirted 2018)
OT Josh Jones (redshirted in 2015)
OL Jack Freeman (redshirted in 2018)
OL Keenan Murphy (redshirted in 2016)
DL Noah Jones (redshirted in 2017)
WR Tre’Von Bradley (redshirted in 2017)
WR Peyton Swayer (redshirted in 2018)
TE Parker Eichenberger (redshirted in 2017)
DL Isaiah Chambers (redshirted in 2017 after transferring from TCU)

Upperclassmen with redshirt eligibility remaining
WR Keith Corbin
DB Grant Stuard
QB Clayton Tune
QB D’Eriq King
WR Courtney Lark
CB Colin Samuel
DL David Anenih
LB Zamar Kirven
CB Ka’Darian Smith
S Gleson Sprewell
RB Kyle Porter
LB Willie Smith III
LB Donovan Mutin
LB Elijah Gooden
S Gervarrius Owens
RB Mulbah Car
P Dane Roy
OL Braylon Jones
OL Dennis Bardwell
TE Christian Trahan
DL Logan Hall
DL Payton Turner



FWIW, Lark played in the Tulane game.

You’re right, they made some updates to the participation chart this morning. Added 4th games for Lark and Small, and a 3rd game for Bardwell.

That doesnt look like a lack of a redshirted team…

So I assume King will be at the home games on the sideline in his jersey and jeans with the other thoroughbred transfers.

I wonder if CDH will let King wear a headset and use a clipboard still being useful in the games and learning the system.

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Depending on how he plays, maybe Tune redshirts after four games? Could Bryson Smith get some snaps too or Dana”s son?