2021-2022 NET Rankings

Houston #4


Can’t wait for CKS to swat away any discussion of the NET in his next media availability :joy:

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Nice winning big helps

Apparently Bamas opps have #1 net.

Wagner and Wyoming?

Tulsa at #216 is brutal. League really needs them to handle business their next 5 games. If they come into conference play that low it could be major trouble. Tulsa has a knack for winning games they aren’t supposed to.

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We are number 1 in BPI right now

Would be 7 for Big 12 if you add UH, Cincy, and BYU. While subtracting Texas and OU. And UCF isn’t far off from top 50.

And, again. Pac-12. Just let the Big 12 get whatever they wanted in the last round of realignment. While they did nothing.

That league deserves to fail.


I’ve looked at Wyoming’s schedule so far. They won @ Grand Canyon. They beat Washington, who’s not that good.

So yeah, that one doesn’t make sense

Anyone who brings up ratings when interviewing a coach is just asking for it. Unless it’s after the champion as been decided and your interviewing that coach.

Btw, where’s Memphis? Oh, yeah, they lost three straight last week.

That Georgia loss for Memphis is gonna look awful in March.

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Lmao. Pac-12.

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Go look at the AAC newcomers from CUSA. AAC is going to be a pathetic conference once we’re gone.


Ironically the top 3 are going to the Big12.

Football and basketball. AAC glory days might be behind them for the foreseeable future once we’ve left.


During the Cincy-UH football game, the announcers were talking up the AAC and I was eating up all of it (even though I can’t stand Tessatore). Later they were talking about the additions that the AAC was making to counter the departures and what a great conference it would be and that whole good vibe left me. They were just saying words - none of it was authentic because the AAC 2.0 is going to be horrible. It’s like the Dr calling Elaine breathtaking and then using the same to describe the baby…


Florida dropped 35 spots last night, from 22 to 57!