2021-2022 Season

Team looks like they are having a lot of fun and playing with a lot of energy, can wait to see them on the field this season. I’m just making this tread where we can post anything related to this upcoming season! Go coogs!!


Side note. Defense looks good. Jack boys part II??:eyes: also Tune looks a lot bigger and stronger he should be more durable, also love that he’s using his legs. He is still throwing a lot of interceptions tho :joy::joy:. One was a pick 6 and the other Anderson got. I’m not sure who threw the deep ball in the end zone hahah. Sofian made some really good throws :eyes:. And Dell is going to have a breakout season! Overall love the energy and passion everyone is playing with on both ends


Our Dline is going to be a problem this year!:fire:


I’m cautiously optimistic for this season.


Haha am I man

I agree about Dell. Can’t wait to see him this season.

Any update on Chidozie

Nobody was comparing him to Ed Oliver It’s just a hell of a move. :joy::joy: and watch the tape he has don’t great things in game

He keeps posting and responding to videos on Twitter. His dad always post his workout videos. It seems like he at least has a lot of positive energy, hopefully everything works out

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Hope we actually give him the ball and not do what we do with Stevenson over the past 2 years where we would go possession after possession without him touching the ball

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It all depends on if he can get open or behind the defender, need less picks and forcing into coverage is not the way to accomplish that. A lot of the guys that were thrown to last season was due to Speedy being covered, or double covered, leaving someone else open.

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Almost every INT tune threw wasn’t to Stevenson’s way so I don’t know about that one lol. But I get what you are trying to say. I’m sayin we still need to try to get the ball in our best play makers hands. Dell should get a screen pass, end around, and maybe 1-2 deep shots down the field at least once a game

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Interception continue to be a problem. We don’t need to air raid with a sub par o line and QB. Let’s group and pound with our new talent at RB. Focus on being methodical and taking care of the football. With the way I think our defense will play this year, we can win a lot of games on the ground taking care of the football. Hopefully Tune continues to run more.

How many times did they run the delayed draw? Lol

Looking forward to this season!

Can’t wait for McCaskill to arrive in campus.

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We need him back. Hopefully he comes back.

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Coogs need to be part of top 3 in AAC every year. This is the year to make big strides!

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Cincy basically returns everyone from a team that lost to Georgia by 3 in their own backyard, the Peach Bowl.

Cincy will win this conference and running away with it.

Tune is big.

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