2021-2022 UH Basketball Roster

From top to bottom as deep a team UH has fielded. No super stars but all are talented and seem to have a great work ethic. Meaning they will sacrifice their individual game for the team and play defense and crash the boards.
With the coaching staff we have we will see this team develop throughout the season. And come March hopefully this team will make great memories.
Great things going on at UH in basketball. Let’s enjoy another great ride.


So, Coach Kellen Sampson - you get to coach the “White” team against the starters. I think the general consensus is - the starting 5 are White, Chaney, Mark, Sasser, Edwards. (Pretty salty - given that all 5 have extensive in game experience at the very highest levels of college basketball).

So - who do you pick as your 5 to scrimmage against the Coach Sampson the Elder team. My picks - mostly just for the sake of discussion while we wade throught the dog days of summer - are Carlton, Powell, Roberts, Shead and Moore. I don’t think I going way out on a limb to say that Sampson the Younger and his squad will make the starters do more than break a sweat.

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IMO the next five is Carlton, Roberts, Taze, Ramon/Robbie, Shead. This will be a starting 5 for many teams in lower conferences and can also beat ECU, USF, Tulane and possibly Tulsa in our conference. Solid team. We will then have Powell, Francis, Ramon/Robbie available if needed. Unbelievable depth.


Three of our best defenders on that 2nd unit.

This shooting on the first team will set them apart but certainly some competitive games. I can see the the 2nd unit really pressing the boards.

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It’s been like this since Rob Gray left! :muscle:

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I don’t recall Sampson platooning 1st and second teams but we now have the depth. :thinking:

Good thing we offer a degree in Health Promotions! It seems to be a selling point in our recruiting efforts. I bet our Health Promotion students can beat every other schools Health Promotion students!


So the All American we just had wasn’t a superstar??

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We don’t know that yet, last year I would have said no super star, but then here comes grimes. Who knows what Sasser Mark Kyler or Fabian do next year

Yeah. Sasser is a superstar. Guys really keep sleeping on this man.

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Depends on who you ask… I don’t think is unanimous.

I think by super stars he means like Elvin, Walton, Jabber et al.
But yes we have some players who could develop quickly.
Love Grimes but never thought of him a superstar.
Could be wrong but I see lots of potential in Mark maybe being that guy within the next two years

This doesn’t even make any sense. He was one of the 15 best college players in all of America last season.

Someone said Rob Gray was our last superstar. Doesn’t have near the hardware that Grimes has.

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Loved Gray but never said he was a superstar.
Folks apparently have different idea of who is a superstar and who isn’t.
As long as we keep on a pace like we are I could care less if we ever have a superstar.
Just want to win and keep the culture going.


For me a superstar in college is a player who can score 30+ on any given night while winning & creating his own shot. Defensively as long he is plausible.

So. A player like Grimes? Got it.

Superstars are guys like Elvin and Akeem, both overall #1 picks. Birdsong overall #2. Even guys like Rob Williams and Clyde who we’re top half of first round. When they were on the court you could see they were better than everyone else. Under Sampson we have. One very talented and very hood players. But we haven’t had one of those yet. But Sampson Makes his guys a very good team.

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He’s an all American, I don’t see how anyone can say he’s not a college superstar.


So a top 15 player in all of college basketball is not a super star?? What is the bar than top 5? Do you guys think they just hand out all Americans to anyone ?

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