2022 AAC Championship - UH v (#1) ECU - 11am Ctl -ESPN News

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Got ‘em.

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UH Athletics is getting a little ahead of themselves with the score :joy:

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May 21st score.

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They updated it. It showed 9-6 Coogs won

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YOUR Houston Cougars are back in the American Athletic Conference Championship round! Meet up with fellow Coogs at Christian’s Tailgate in Midtown (2000 Bagby) to cheer them on. Win, and we’re in the NCAA Tournament! #M64

(This isn’t official, so if there is one let me know.)



I wish I could come. Gotta go to Mom’s to help her move some boxes. But I got my earpods…and this paddle board.

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Go Coogs!

Definitely a Johnny Wholestaff day after playing 2 yesterday. UH would have to beat ECU twice today to win the tourney/automatic bid, correct? Or is the championship a single game no matter what? I’m not 100% sure of the format. I THINK it’s double-elim all the way through?

One game only …winner of both brackets meet for champ … I believe we played a tourney in the past where a one loss team beat us in the final ( our only loss )…

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Not that it will be easy, but that’s a whole lot easier! Beating ECU twice after yesterday would be super difficult.

Really looking forward to today’s game!

ESPNEWS Ch. 1210 on xfinity/comcast

Gonna miss the game due to church but if we win you can bet I will watch the rerun lol.
These guys have played their collective hearts out and I expect them to battle again today. The kitchen sink may not be enough but it is dern sure worth trying…Go Coogs!


Let’s go Coogs …

Whoose house?!

Does our pitcher not know to cover first on that play?

i can honestly say all three runs belong to our pitcher. the one that skipped under the SS not withstanding. that business at first base was silly. i didn’t think that was a bad pitch and i didn’t think it would get out. but damn!

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maybe Bunn could think about walking out there?

Well, typical playing from behind. But its early. We need people to find their hammer bats.

0-3 top2

Dang how did that ball travel so far? Looked like a good pitch and a fly ball. Kid must be strong af

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