2022 College World Series

Regionals weekend, favorite baseball weekend besides Opening Day. There is a really cool app for the CWS,I’ll try and past link. First pitch is 9AM Miami vs Canisius

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Who y’all got ? I’ve got Tennessee taking it all

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Not a big limb you’re going out on with that pick. :slight_smile:

Hard to bet against them. They are ridic good. They have a witch of a pitching coach as we all know. And their offense is great. Someone is going to have to hope they catch them at a good time. They did lose one series this year.

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Way to go out on a limb there Bulto! :joy:

Can we wait until regionals are over? Or has to be now?

I’ve got Okie State vs Tennessee and the Cowboys winning it

Yes Sir, that’s a big reach :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Let’s do one before Supers as well

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I got the link off FB and couldn’t get it to copy over. If you go to App Store and type in NCAA Baseball it pops up. Cool app has all games going. Campbell up 5-0 over Georgia Tech. The U must have been rained out,

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So pre-regionals I’ll go with Oregon St.

Dark Horse- ECU

Darker Horse- Southern Miss

Darkest Horse- Texas St.

I will have to pick new choices after regionals because none of the teams I mentioned will even win their regional now that I picked them.


So Tennessee is the best team in the nation, and it’s not even close. But often the overall #1 seed doesn’t win the CWS, either.

So yeah my obvious choice is Tennessee. If someone other than Tennessee is going to win it I like North Carolina as my sleeper. They are red hot right now.

Plus they have cool uni’s.

Campbell absolutely manhandling Georgia Tech out of the chute

ECO 3-0 t2 over Coppin

I like ECU as well

Regional Picks

Auburn Reg - Auburn
Austin Reg - TUrds
Blacksburg Reg - V Tech
Chapel Hill - UNC
College Park Reg - UCONN
Coral Gables - Ole Miss
Corvallis - Oregon St
Gainesville - Liberty
Greenville - ECU
Hattiesburg - LSU
Knoxville - UT
Louisville - Louisville
Stanford - Tx St
Statesboro - Tech
Stillwater - Arky

I’m just rooting for ECU.

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Man I can’t wait to be in the Big 12….

Hopefully this bumps up our recruiting


I have NEVER seen that before. Wow.
That will tough for that player to ever live down.

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