2022 FBS College Football Schedule - Week 0

CFB tomorrow for 12+ hours.
Soft schedule. I’m watching.
Neb v NW in Ireland early.
WYO @ Illinois at 3pm. Maybe Charlotte v FAU at 6pm.
North Texas @ UTEP & Vandy @ Hawaii late.

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They couldn’t get any better than that? :poop:



It is definitely SLIM PICKINS this weekend (Week 0), but next week (Week 1) is STACKED with good games.

I’m going to have trouble keeping up with all of them.

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5 minutes to go until the season kicks off with Austin Peay v W KY on CBS Sports TV.

Tommy Devito era begins today.

He looked good at Cuse at times but not mobile and their OL is horrible.

I’m ready to watch ANYBODY.


Nebraska looks good. Of course Northwestern makes everyone look good.


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They might want to turn around. That punt to the 1 flipped the field.

The best 3-9 team, what a designation. Playing first and in Ireland has me watching though. Lets get College football going, the season has started


Nebraska looks like a solid, punching above their weight, 3rd place MAC team.


My second undergrad degree is from Nebraska. It is interesting to me, because Frost brought in a lot of new staff (specifically gave up play calling to the new OC) and a transfer QB… finally moved on from Martinez :raised_hands:t2:.

Husker fans travel well. It was a good invite and if your going to start your B10 slate looking for a win, Northwestern is the team to do it against.

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Northwestern takes the lead at half

Frost is not a good coach. After the first series, where they showed some imagination, he turned into a plane vanilla, unimaginative coach. I can’t remember seeing a single blitz with the defense while the Northwestern quarterback just picked them apart. They are definitely a step behind at the linebacker position.

I believe Nebraska is the first team ever to lose 9 games all by single digits .

Northwest is pounding the rock, Huskers looking tired up front.

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Ohh man Nebraska just can’t handle the pressure of a close game at all. Another single digit loss. That’s the hard part of hiring an alum, harder to part ways.

Made a bonehead call change the entire momentum of the game, doing a
Onside kick. After scroing a TD He’s going to be questioned about that call all season if they have another season like the last 3. NW was the better team, deserved the W.

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Frost is done. They needed Northwestern to have a shot at a winning season. His buyout drops Oct 1.


UConn up 14-7 over 28 point favorite Utah St. big day for the dogs so far.