2022 Houston Baseball Fall Schedule: Rice-Oct 15th at 2pm on Saturday (Free Admission) & @ Texas-Oct 23d

No roster up yet. Just coaches/staff.

2022 commit Hernandez signed w Toronto. (deadline was mid Aug)

23 commit Nehomar Ochoa Acosta a nice looking prospect.

Roster only has the coaches.

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Last year, the game started at 6pm. This year, the start time is a secret! (Along with the roster).

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I know some Juco’s delay putting out a roster because the cut guys at semester….but D1?

Back on the whitting hype train, lets go!

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Will we have a roster up before the game ?

Nothing on the game at Rice Baseball.

Fall roster is up. 11 freshman. Just 1 senior.

And schedule? Who wants to bet it is similar to last year?

I still don’t see a roster for UH.


No roster and I bet the schedule is another barnburner!


Scrimmage tomorrow and still zilch but coaches and support staff.
Fans who go need some idea of these players. 40-50% of the roster is new.

Is the UH Baseball team that shows up tomorrow still up in the air ?




The Big Reveal


Still trying to talk guys into stayin?

But seriously, wt heck? Boy Pez runs a tight ship I tell ya.

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F%# joke, man! If Dana needed a breather to get the program built I might can see it for a couple of years. But why TF did he have to do it for baseball. The guy’s been here more than a decade. That’s disgraceful. I felt like we play Rio Grande Valley forty times last year. What’s the point?!?

Think of it this way. Either he wins games and can’t make the tourney due to SOS. Or he schedules better and can’t make the tourney because he loses. What we have is an AD that softens the schedule so he doesn’t have to and can’t make a tough decision.

“We can’t just go around firing coaches that win ____ games and make the conference tourney finals, now can we?!?”

My words. Not his.
I just hate grinding out 50+ games and knowing you have to win 83% just to eek in the regionals. Not really fair to the fans or players in my eyes.


100% ^^^^^^^^

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Have you seen the palm trees down there?


What’s the parking situation for the game today?

Schedule tough and just take 1 of 3 in those.
Hang in there w ECU for the AAC. 2nd is fine.

It gives you a much better shot than the latest grand plans of tomato cans you need to go 90% + against.

Anybody at the Park ?
Can you check if the 1967 Coll World Series runner up plaque is repaired. Thanks.

STILL no roster? Sheesh.


We may get next years football roster and schedule before this years baseball roster and schedule.

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Coogs win 9-2


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