2022 offers

PG Bryce Griggs from Hightower - has an offer from A&M

h/t @2002Coog for pointing out that I originally posted this on the football board.


Rob approves :+1:



griggs has been consider the best youth player in houston for a while now, many see him as a prodigy…harden has taken him under his wings too

but i honestly cant get excited about recrutiing freshmen in high school that is like 5 years away…lots of things can happen


the sobering thought is that 2022 is not that far off…


Damyean does too



Well, it’s settled then. He should stay home and play #ForTheCity


Recruiting staff reaching out to pro Coogs to help with recruiting? If so, I love the strategy. Now we need Harden and EG to get in this kid’s ear on behalf of CKS.


Briggs is good no doubt, but right now i’m more concerned about who CKS going to sign in Spring 2019 and class of 2020.

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Bryce Griggs is a special player and as a freshman is already under a lot of pressure from recruiters.
But let me say this, I am virtually positive that if Duke offers that is where he will go. His dad passed away earlier in the year and always wanted Bryce to play for Duke…

Welp. Guess that one is over before it started.

why are we are not targeting anyone more than 3 stars in 2019 class?

I think 2020 n beyond we’ll be in some 4 & 5 stars. Strike while the iron is hot.

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I truly believe stars don’t matter with coach Sampson…I think he goes after kids who are coachable and willing to play defense. And of course he is always going after great shooters…Hinton was a four star and I think Gresham and Janeau were to. And I can’t wait to see the four star guard coming in next year…


Correction: Jarreau was a 5-star
Gresham: 3 star

Btw, is getting the right talent for CKS system :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: He loves shooters and undersized 4’s that are versatile.


Rebounding and defending are 1a and 1b on the required criteria.

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nope, but keep in mind these was a woefully bad recruting year for houston (the city) & Louisiana. (our main 2 recruitng areas outside of north carolina)

sahvir wheeler is the only touted 19 recruit in both areas and he has been commited to a&m for a while
2020 is drastically better
2021 is borderline amazing

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Thought Jarreau was a four star but forgot Gresham was a three star…but if they produce here under coach Sampson who really cares anyway?


Speaking of Duke, if coach K wins another chip soon, he probably would retire the year after. I got him at 2-3 years left coaching tops. Per sample therorically: if he wins it all in 2019, I can see him leaving in 2020. Kind of a bridge year to maybe identified his predecessor.

Sampson’s construction project is still in the early stages. If we go deep in the tourney expect a lot of interest from kids we don’t know yet. I think 20’ is the year we sign a 5 star and a couple of 4’s.