2022 Transfer Portal

Might be time to start this thread again. March is when seasons end and players enter the portal


Do we have anyone on our radar that are likely to transfer? Any rumors out there?


Is Arkansas the favorite for every kid in the portal yet?


University of Portal at Fayetteville.


Musselman lives on the edge

A guy to potentially keep an eye on. I think we will try to add a big first, but if anyone besides the 4 seniors leaves, we could look to add depth at PG behind Jamal.

Ivy-Curry is a local kid from La Marque, extremely talented. Started 19 games at PG for UTSA this year, averaged 14 PTS 3 RB 3 AST this year before entering the portal

Players that leave mid season, unless its for family health issues, not a huge fan of them leaving their team

UTSA, had a rough season. 9-20 record.


Typically neither am I, but you never know what personal or family situation a guy has. For what it’s worth, UTSA head coach Steve Henson doesn’t seem to harbor any ill will to Ivy-Curry.

“Jordan just felt like he needed a fresh start. We’re going to support him, love him and wish him well.”

UTSA is terrible. They’re sub 300 NET. About 55 sports lower than Alcorn State.

Have fun with that, Memphis. Hahaha.

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Surprise surprise Arkansas is on the list


Oklahoma States season has ended. Not postseason eligible. 1st of their players in the portal

Hypothetically if we have two open ships.

  1. Someone to replace Carlton

  2. someone that could play 15-20 minutes that is a cold blooded assassin from 3 point range and serviceable enough on “D” to stay on the court….

I was just looking, on 40 players in D1 that shot above 40% from three.

Easier said than done :white_check_mark:


Assuming no one transfers our only transfer possibilities seem to be a center and a PG if Sasser doesn’t return.

I’ve heard rumors that Sasser is considering transferring.

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From who??? Seems super doubtful


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