2023-24 Houston Cougars Basketball Season

Chase is McCarty as he used first name for him it looks like.


Crowd was electric and packed in like sardines.
I remember getting there early and having to park about a mile away.
Great win and UK traveled as well as anyone to Hofheinz.
And listen closely because our cheerleaders actually had chants lol.
Say what you want Penders was a good coach and kept our program from totally going down the toilet.


I was at that game. Fun night. I think some Aggies actually showed up to heckle Gillespie.

Oh, that never dawned on me since all others are last names except for Arceneaux for whom you used initials.

Updated ESPN NCAA draft rankings


Can’t believe some on here didn’t realize he would be moving up draft charts.


That list is just for players in the ncaa tourney. No euro or OTE league.

I saw a draft preview 2 days ago that had him going 26-28


I was one of those.

And only because I had conversations with nba scouts myself - this was still in preseason though at the time so I give myself and those scouts some grace.

But ya. Great for mal.

I am a Timberwolves fan and I would be ecstatic if they got Shead at 27. Would give him a few years to develop behind Conley who is on the latter end of his career and then he would be the perfect point guard to start alongside Edwards! Also the Wolves depth chart behind Conley is not good. Make it happen!



He started off well against A&M. He’s got to keep his head up even when he misses a couple of shots. He doesn’t need to be the star, but he can’t be a zero. Hopefully he gets how important his role is to the team and plays to that role.

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Man, what a boost Dunn would give UH if he could hit a few 3s in the game and play some decent defense.

Memo to Dunn:

  • Leave the head fake in the locker room.
  • Go up with the shot, don’t head fake, don’t dribble.
  • Know where the out-of-bounds line is (you too L.J.).

TV numbers show we were 2nd in B12 in viewership during regular season. Sweet 16 game drew the largest number for any sporting event that day. Go Coogs!