2023-24 Houston Cougars Basketball Season

Big E, one of the greatest college basketball players of all-time and one of the greatest NBA players of all-time, doesn’t make your starting lineup?:scream:


I couldn’t decide between him and Hakeem

Put him in place of Mr. Mean and play the Big E. and Dream at the same time.


I loved Larry Micheaux but for team purposes I think I would take Bo Outlaw over him for that team. Id also find a way for Anthony Goldwire to be there, probably instead of Aubrey Coleman. Goldwire was great in his couple years here. Darrell Mickens as the 11 man and enforcer!!!

Jamal Shead
Clyde Drexler
Michael Young
Bo Outlaw

Anthony Goldwire
Benny Anders
Quentin Grimes
Carl Herrera
Elvin Hayes

Otis Birdsong
Darrell Mickens

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No way in :fire: that Elvin Hayes and Otis Birdsong are bench players on UH’s all time men’s basketball team. I know everyone picks Hakeem at C, but Dwight Jones’ college stats were much better than Hakeem’s. Hakeem was a much better pro. We can quibble about Clyde being a starter and Michael Young even being on the team. I do not think Larry Micheaux should be on the team. No mention of Rob Williams? He should at least be a backup guard and we can discuss whether he should be a starter over Jamal Shead. Bennie Anders didn’t even start and he makes the all time team?


Wholeheartedly agree. Those two sit for no one.

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“Who is your favorite child?”

So many phenomenal players have passed through our great school!


lol, top 50 all time Elvin Hayes on second team?. Seriously! But of course you have the right to pick who you want.
And Don Chaney remains the greatest defensive guard to ever play here.
I love Shead but he is nowhere near the defensive player Duck was: Chaney started for some great Celtic championship teams.
Shead is my all time favorite Coog because of his leadership and great character but let’s not get carried away.
I have said it before, Rob was the best point guard we ever had here, but if Shead or Otis Birdsong had been on those PSJ teams we would have won one or more titles.


that isnt fair to shead you are comping college shead to chaney 5th year in the NBA, after years of nba development

my “opinion” dont think shead was the best defender under sampson, i think senior dejon and sasser were better defender (as an individual defender)… but history doesnt care about opinion when there are unquestionable accolades

as far as history is concerned jamal shead is the unquestioned best defensive guard in uhouston history…as the only guard to win National Defensive player of the year

similar to how many people back in the day argued klingler was better than andre ware but its hard to argue heisman

lol Chaney was a great defender at UH and that was the sole reason h was drafted. He was 6-5 with long arms and used those arms to torment opposing players.
Not taking anything away from Shead, just pointing Don was the best defensive guard to ever play here

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you missed my point…i also dont think shead was the best defensive guard, but you cant argue Unanimous National defensive player of the year while in college …
sasser imo was a better defender and sasser was also drafted in large part due tho defensee (defense was what was highlighted when he was drafted by the head coach)… but history will say it was shead…

Big E



Wonderful selections and great roster!

But to answer your question with my thoughts…

Maybe 2 or 3. But as much as I love our guys - and importantly - basing that likelihood on the actual history - maybe none (no trophies).


  • Shead is probably my all-time favorite Coog. But full availability down the stretch matters and luck in that regard didn’t appear to be on his side.

  • Similar with Benny. What a talent. But is it the idealistic potential version of Benny? Or the one that wasn’t on the team for March Madness? Again, love the guy still.

Just saying it takes some good fortune to win the trophy. I would hope that lineup would win it (and certainly would be favored to do so of course if we were the only school to have the benefit of an all-time roster playing). But there just arent any guarantees even an extremely loaded roster wins it all on any given year.

I sure do hope we can win one someday though!

The all-time UH starting 5 has Hayes, Olajuwon, Drexler, and Birdsong. Those 4 are a given. You can go many ways with your 5th starter and bench.

And didn’t Sasser get drafted because of the range on his 3 point shot, and his ability to get his shot off quick, and off the dribble. 3 kills Shead does not have. I love Shead’s game. And no doubt he will work his ass off to improve all aspects of his shooting. I just see him as a great college player that never has an impact in the NBA.

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So it’s May and we are officially in peak we have nothing new to talk about off season already… Going to be a long one isn’t it?

Perhaps we could also get some Mt. Rushmores of things going as well?

@1985coog players report in early June for summer workouts

And then you got TBT this summer (July 19th)

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Oh thank God, I might not make it to the season if we were already at the “Who’s your All-Time lineup” discussions that sorry of stuff should be reserved for All-Star break levels of depressing doldrums.

I’m not suggesting that they be on the all time team, but while we are taking this off season trip down memory lane, here are a few players that don’t get enough recognition but led their particular team that deserve some honorable mention:

  • Fabian White (winningest player in UH history)
  • Craig Upchurch (4th in career total points; played all 4 years)
  • Ollie Taylor (6’2" jumping jack G/F; had an explosive vertical leap; GVL used him to control the opening tip)
  • Rob McKiver (a scoring machine; good luck touching the ball if you were a teammate)
  • Aubrey Coleman (another scoring machine; led NCAA in scoring in 2010)
  • Don Boldebuck (played in mid-1950s; UH first 7’0" C; statistically, UH’s best all time C; avg. 23.1 pts/17 reb
  • Gary Phillips (G in early 1960s; UH’s first All American and first top ten NBA draft pick)
  • Jim “Poo” Welch (G who lead UH in scoring 1970-71, 19.3 pts/gm)

Elvin Hayes
Clyde Drexler
Otis Birdsong
Rob Williams
Jamal Shead

6th man
Hakeem Olajuwon

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