2023 Houston Texans Thread

Coach Keenum right there, man I hope he chooses to coach college instead of the pros.


This blog called it.

Watching them this season. I like Texans process w CJ.
Case goes over Xs & Os. Tank always there.
(Bills miss Case working w Allen this season)

Jerrod Johnson 2 the right out of frame.
Texans QB coach. Humble, TX & good QB at AM.
Tannehill played WR for him.

Johnson goes over CJs mechanics.
OL/ Running game coach Jarrod James tweeks the OL w him.
James back from last staff.

CJ on his 4th starting OC.
Today was this OC’s 1st start since 21.
CJ STILL has best rookie passing day ever.

Almost 500 + w 200 yards+ for Tank.
He missed Tank on a wide open bomb.
Missed Tank deep that needed a great throw.
Tank dropped a long 1.

Tank averaging 16.21 yards a catch.
On pace for 1000 +.
4th in rushing w 9 attempts.

Henry To’o’To in the 5th.
Leads them in tackles. Probably the All Rookie SAM.

On 2 deep.
Hutchinson in 6th is Tank’s backup.
Horton in 4th is Anderson’s backup.

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Texans draft was brilliant. Stroud, Anderson and Dell are all competing for ROTY.


No mention on 790 this morning that Dell went to UH.


To’oTo’o (sp?) looks pretty solid, as well.


Agree. Perhaps the best Texans draft ever.

Only time will tell, but so far so good.

Also did a great job in free agency going after Dalton Shultz. Has been a very solid TE

I wish I could find the sound bite for the final Texans drive on 610, but when Tank scored you can hear Ware yell ‘Go Coogs!’ :joy:


Where is Davis Mills in that photo? Stroud is another mentee to the mentor, Case Kennum.

I know Andre was showing his school pride but the “Go Coogs” after the Tank Dell TD was a bit much.

I’ll allow it


Cmon most people complain he isn’t a homer enough


More or less than the LSU fans wearing LSU themed Geaux Astros Gear because of Bregman?

I’m ok with that. It’s a Texans broadcast though. I just thought it was a little corny. Seeing Dell catch the GW tuddy was pretty cool though! Go Texans!



Knowing what we know about Tank, where would he have been drafted if there was a do over?

Four WR chosen in 1st round.

Four in 2nd round.

IMO, he would have been a 1st rounder.

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Late first, early second. He is getting open. Stroud missed him on a deep route in the first half vs. TB. He would’ve had another 60-70 yards.


what a TD!


Dude is a big time. Hard to cover him.