2023 Houston Texans Thread

yikes, not a good hit there.

Oh no. That looked bad.


Dirty hit imho. He saw the ball over his head. Can Tank stay healthy? If he misses time it’ll be the 2nd time this season he misses time.

He’s back in



Mills is the back up?

Texans looking like they’ll be up at HT


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wooooooooow what a hit

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The Texans are must see TV.


entertaining for sure

I liked last weeks kicker situation

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Let’s talk about the Texans they are what we wish to be exciting, tough, and they play hard every game.



and fun to watch, win or lose. at least they are fun to watch…

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There is a lot of time left but to go into Cincinnati and be up by 10 late in the 3rd is impressive.

Anyone notice the paradym shift of Houston pro teams? Astros, Texans and Rockets.

Texans and Rockets have outstanding young players and new HCs.

Astros have been winning for the past several years, and hopefully more to come.

If only the Coogs could keep pace.


You can’t suck in Houston. Coog football sucks.

Stroud is an amazing talent. Texans lucked out because they if they had the first pick in the draft, I believe they would have chosen Bryce Young.

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Thank you Lovie Smith

He practically saved the Texans’ franchise by defeating the Colts for the 2nd overall pick

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Wow, Texans…Well done.

Oh the things that can happen when you hire a new coach and reenergize a team.

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The Texans sure make things interesting.