2023 Renu Khator UH State of the University Presentation


Is there a transcript?

Looks like they are FINALLY starting to put an emphasis on getting students out of the Houston region and state.

Being regarded as a “REGIONAL public school” is the kiss of death to aspirations of being known as a Public School with a NATIONAL reputation.

We should be offering more scholarships to out of state students.


Good to know

I listened to it but is the part of recruiting out of town kids at the beginning or end? Rough guess is ok

They chose to highlight “out of state” students that attend UH- I believe they interviewed current students from New York, Michigan & California.

So glad they are starting to understand that the key to becoming a nationally recognized public univetsity, with traditional students, is to get away from the less ambitious “regional public school” archetype designed to only serve commuter students within your region.

Our other campuses, within the UH system, can serve the non-traditional commuter students but filter the traditional students to the main campus

This is significant as we approach out 100th birthday.


You and so are 100% in accord on this.


Looking at the FY 2024 budget, came across this paragraph that mentions enrollment
was flat or declined for last 2 years and they are planning for a flat enrollment for 2024.
So that would be 2021 and 2022 in regards to the “last 2 years”. 2021 is probably fallout
from Covid is my best guess.

This kinda goes in the face of my perception of what has been happening with enrollment. Also, we often talk about how athletic success translates to more enrollment, but that’s not necessarily been reflected from our recent success in basketball. But, I seem to recall hearing applications have been up, so perhaps it’s more a case of being more selective of who we enroll now.

Have a look at the funding too in the entire document; it shows TUF at $30 million for 2024 which
I think would be funds from the Texas University Fund that’s on the ballot. That can be found on
page 3.19 in the above pdf link.

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It’s football success that helps increase applications.

Agree football is the bigger draw, but baylor has been doing good since winning in 2021. I’d
attribute some of that enrollment increase to that success. Of course getting the championship
beats just having FF appearances too.


As graduation rates go up, enrollment will go down. Can’t make too many inferences about this without knowing what the number of new freshmen/transfer students.

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