2023 Roster Prediction

Trying to piece things together.

39 Players on the 2022 Roster.

14 are in the Transfer Portal:

  • Tracy
  • Parrett
  • Tormos
  • Casey- Angelo St
  • Clayton-Southeastern
  • Mendoza
  • Benjamin-HBU
  • Dannaelley- Purdue
  • Cherry
  • Trevino
  • Dunn
  • Smith
  • Rhylick
  • Medrano-TX State

4 Gone for Graduation or Other

  • Almanderez (?)
  • Garcia
  • Denicola
  • Hernandez

21 Returning Players (maybe 1 or 2 drafted and sign this month?)

3 Transfers Coming In


11 Freshman Committed per Perfect Game

21+4+11= 36 players

I think rules state you can have 35 players starting in 2024, but might allow up to 40 for 2023 based on COVID season.


Good work Sir!

Is Denicola eligible for another season? He only had 1 AB, got a single, and suffered his season-ending injury trying to stretch it to a double.

Additional transfer: Chase Stanke (Minnesota)


That would be a bummer to waist that on a season.

If Sears and Deese sign, 70% of our innings, 70% of our starts and 89% of our saves are out the door. A lot of fresh faces on the mound in 2023.

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Either way, we could use some fresh faces considering Sears was the only one on the staff with significant IP and an ERA under 4.00.

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Doubt it will be any better than this year…… most likely worse.


I like the way Ian thinks!

Porter Brown from TCU is in the portal……UH should be all over him.

He would start in the OF day one.

He’s had some nagging injuries that have slowed him down some but when healthy this kid is really good….and he’s healthy.

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Porter Brown is headed to the Longhorns.

Yeah, I heard….sucks…who knows if we even reached out.

Potential 2023 Lineup

C - Anthony Tulimero. Possibly backed by Logan Hamm

1B - Nick Collins

2B - Brandon Burckel

SS - Ian McMillan

3B - Zach Arnold (presuming he is returning) If not, Kevin Karstetter

LF - Brandon Uhse

CF - Kevin Kilpatrick (if he doesn’t sign with Braves. He was drafted 17th round)

RF -Jack Duffy

DH - Alex Lopez

Kevin Karstetter can play 3B or SS
Cam Nickens and Malachi Lott will get playing time.

Any word on throwing arm for Uhse? Assuming they diagnosed tendinitis or some other soft tissue problem that is recoverable w/o surgery.

I don’t know. I thought he was having surgery after the season to repair.

Yikes - if so must have been something you can make worse by playing with it injured.

I hope for his sake the recovery from surgery is a success and he at least has a viable OF arm by the start of next season. If not, DH him and put someone else out there. Nickens is a decent LF and I’m sure someone from the rest of the newcomers should be able to contribute.

Has the Athletic Department ever announced an extension for Coach Whitting, or is his contract still up after this coming season?

I don’t think they ever did.


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