2023 Roster?

Any word out there

I was looking for it the other day and all I got was the coaches and staff.

Been that way for months……I’ve personally never seen anyone take this long to put out roster….anyone that would be on the team would be in classes by now correct?

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First pitch is 30 days away. Show up to the game and fill out your own roster as they come up to bat!


It’ll be released when we get the B12 football schedule. :laughing:

New promotion?

Come to game and you get to pick lineup?

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Fresh version of Who’s on 1st?

This would double the attendance. :laughing:


I’ll be honest.

I’m conflicted on baseball this season.

I am one of the biggest diehard baseball fans there is….would never root against success it team…

But we need a new coach with fresh blood, full of piss and vinegar that is ready to work 70-80 hours a week to bring the team back to relevance….College baseball is a sport you can go from bad to really good quickly.

We can not go into Big 12 baseball as is….I keep hearing how much better recruiting was this past year but then we get another horrible schedule….most of you guys that posts here no what’s up….but I urge a ref of you to do a bit of research and you will see how bad it is……team will have to win 40+ games for a sniff of an at-large.
Outside of that or winning the conference tournament and we will watch yet again.
If you know college baseball then you understand that when a program falls off the way UH has it’s a battle to get the best recruits….and no, the Big 12 mantra will not help the way some of you all think it will.
In Baseball circles players and showcase coaches know what good programs DBU, Texas St., UTSA have……without even bringing up UT, A&M, TCU, Baylor, LSU, Tech, etc.

Okay, that’s my rant for the next couple of months :joy:


Well the good news is that a roster has been posted. Only problem is that they posted the 2022 roster.

Clown :clown_face: Show

The fact that we have to count wins ahead of time means we are hosed. We’ve had such an advantage over most of AAC in recruiting yet we go about our business like we’re victims of the system.

In Texas you have to build a relationship to get good talent. These kids can play at any one of 25 schools. And they’re everywhere. Why would a kid from southeast Texas go out of state to play ball when he could compete against all of his friends since Little League right here in state. Well, usually because those schools pay attention to him.

Baseball is so different than the other two sports. Most baseball kids are still in the same house they were in when they started playing the sport. And they’re told from the moment they’re identified as a talent they have to work hard to be the best in Texas. They know they’re in the epicenter of amateur baseball. We need a coach that’s plugged in and goes out there smiling and having fun at select tourneys and acts like he loves it all. We can’t get great talent sitting in the twelfth row with a clipboard wearing sun shades.

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Too busy to recruit top talent when the Showcase event is AT UH!!!

Multiple events.

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:grinning: The attention to detail in the Baseball Program is to be kind…lacking


The dropdown menu in the above link used to have a selection for 2023. When selecting 2023 only the coaching staff would come up. I would say its been removed as of a couple of weeks.

Maybe the roster will drop soon?

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The headshots are developing at Walgreens. Need to picked up, scanned and uploaded. Its a process coupled with supply chain issues.


Someone is paying attention as they’ve taken down the 2022 roster from 2023

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A friend of mine who is a season ticket and big UH baseball supporter showed me the roster today after attending a recent gathering.
He said the coaches were high on the 6-8 pitcher from Germany.