2023 Volleyball schedule rocks

If for no other reason than on October 13 and 14 the defedning national chamption University of Texas Longhorns travel to Fertittal Center to play UH. As I appreciate it, UT is also ranked No 1 in the preseason polls for the uipcoming season. My guess is that as that weekend approaches UH volleyball can get some serious hype.

Meanwhile - in a month, August 25th, the Coogs play host to the Southern Cal Trojans, (which team I believe to be a 6 time national champion) to start the new season. Out of conference opponents include Kentucky, Texas A&M and potentially Purdue. Based on my limited knowledge of volleyball - the schedule seems quite strong.

The Big 12 conference schedule, however, is a bit weird. For instance the first conference game is on a Wednesday - and the Coogs must travel to the great Spice Lake and play - one - and one only- game against BYU. I am sure Frank Herbert is happy - but that seems weird to me In fact there are a number of one game only matches scheduled agains Big 12 opps, UCF, old AAC rival, must travel to Fertittal for a two game set - so there is that.

Go Coogs.

From my perspective, UH volleyball has been a joy to watch the last couple of years, so I guess I will be renewing my ESPN+ subsription earlier than I thought.

Great schedule. Made a few matches last year and bought a season ticket for this year. Like hockey, 10fold more exciting in person.


Didn’t UH end up in the NCAA tournament last year? Or was it the year before?

2 years ago the team was not selected. I remember thinking, at the time that the team deserved a bid, but the general NCAA bias toward “power” conferences came into play.

Last year UH won the AAC automatic bid and played great in the tournament until running into perennial powerhouse Stanford.

So our first sporting event with big 12 logos on our uniforms will be against SC in volleyball!


I am not 100% sure that is so. Women’s soccer schedule indicates an exhibition on August 6th and first non conference game in Seattle vs. UW on August 17th. First regular season home game is August 20th for the futballers.

Well there it is! The first big 12 event!

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Interesting UH connection for a couple of USC players:

  • Fr. OH London Wijay and Fr. MB Leah Ford were each born in Houston. London’s mother Morgan played volleyball and her father Indi ran track for the Cougars. Her older brother Indiana Wijay is a freshman quarterback at Houston. Leah’s father Kirk was a captain for the Houston basketball team.

I remember Wijay’s mother, Morgan Wallen. She played for UH, 1997-2000, on some good teams that made the NCAA tournament all 4 years she played.


Hoping one day we will be able to get kids like this to UH!

Tremendous 1st set. UH 25 - 16 over a ranked team. Score accurately reflected the level of play.

Coogs win third set!!!


This squad is gritty!


Won last 5 points of the set to come from behind and take a 2 set to 1 lead in match. Looks like a great atmosphere at FC.



That was great! Way to go lady Coogs! Showed much resiliency.

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I’ll definitively be going to some more volleyball games. That was fun to watch. Lots of fans.


It was the most exciting match I’ve been to in a while. With all the grad students and seniors there’s a lot of experience on this roster, and it showed vs USC.


Top 5 returning liberos for the 2023 women’s volleyball season | NCAA.com

ut-austin lost to Long Beach State 3-1 Friday night, so they’ve already matched their loss total from 2022.


Volleyball wins again. 3 - 1 against Southern Miss. After tomorrow’s 5 pm match vs. McNeese State, team will not return until Big 12 home opener (October 6 v. West Virginia).


McNeese didn’t make it easy on themselves to start the season. They played two matches Friday and one Saturday at Auburn, and now they come to UH for the Sunday match. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a schedule like that.
The daughter of the USM coach is a setter for USC. Those two teams are a combined 0-4 on this Houston trip, but one of them will get a win when they face off at the FC Sunday at 11am.

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