2024 NCAA Baseball Tournament- Regionals

I always enjoy the tournament, though it would be much more fun if the Cougars were involved. Not sure if anyone cares to discuss the regionals, but I’m looking forward to seeing how our old mates from East Carolina and Tulane do, along with UCF and the other non-UT non-OU Big 12 schools. The tournament always producing some compelling games, and the possibility of an upstart or two advancing to the super regionals.

One good thing is that either Texas or A&M will be eliminated in this round. :grin:


Wait, did we not make it?


TCU got screwed.

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Since my beloved Coogs didn’t make it, I suppose I’ll cheer for my less beloved Illinois Fighting Illini, regular season B1G champs.

How about Notre Dame ? You thought they were really good. Right Law?

This year they seem to have dropped the ball.

But were still a more respectable opponent than … you know … Binghamton.

You made it seem like it was light years……my point back then was Notre Dame sucked….and they did.

Got it.

Only a year or two prior, they were in the CWS.

And again…they were a more respectable opponent than Binghamton. That was my point back then…and it remains valid today, it would seem.

This years CWS maybe the last of its kind.
Full scholarship college baseball teams soon as effect of settlement.

I watched a bunch of B12 Tourney.
Bedlam for the championship was sweet.

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I liked UCF’s win over OSU and then OSU’s win over OU. UT going two and out was also sweet. Cinci made a good hire last year (?).

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I am surprised, but no sympathy here. They got an at-large bid in 2019 with ridiculously low RPI rank of 59. At 42, UH was snubbed that season.

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In: #55 Indiana, #52 Oregon, #49 Georgia Tech, #48 Illinois, #47 ut-austin, #45 Kansas State. All P5.
Out: #32 Mississippi, #35 Northeastern, #39 TCU, #40 Xavier, #42 College of Charleston, & #43 Maryland. Three non-P5.

#31 Arizona hosts as a 1-seed with #17 DBU as the 2-seed.
#22 ECU host as a 1-seed with #9 Wake Forest as the 2-seed.


[quote=“SampsonCoachingTree, post:12, topic:56281, full:true”]


Chapel Hill- UNC
Clemson- Clemson
Athens- Georgia
College Station- A&M
Charlottesville- Mississippi St.
Corvallis- Oregon St.
Fayetteville- Arkansas
Greenville- Wake Forest
Knoxville- Tennessee
Norman- Duke
Lexington- Kentucky
Raleigh- NCST
Santa Barbara- Oregon
Stillwater- OSU
Tallahassee- FSU
Tucson- DBU

Go back and check your listings Pollsrd.
I don’t see the Coogs listed lol

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Greatest Weekend in Baseball IMO, Regionals are incredible

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Dallas baptist in 27 minutes, if there is one team to follow id make it them. Came in as a 2 seed

Update: West Virginia 4-0 top of the 6th on four earned

Illinois wins round one.

Two 4-seeds beat 1-seeds on day one but I wouldn’t call either big upsets. #76 Evansville beat #22 East Carolina and #96 Grand Canyon beat #31 Arizona for the 3rd time this year. #196 Long Island lead #4 N. Carolina 8-5 going into the bottom of the 9th but gave up 6 runs to lose 11-8. UH opponents were 4-3 for the day which helped propel the Cougars from #112 to #111 in the Warren Nolan RPI’s. yipee.

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UCF beat Alabama!