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He looks like Quinten Grimes, and at that young age he really big and looks a lot older.




Jachai with the dish!


Son of former NBA player Brandon Bass


I feel old.

Bass spent 2 seasons at LSU. Coogs beat him twice.

60-52 W in December 2003.

81-72 W in December 2004.

Remember listening to those games on the radio

Bass was the predecessor to Glen “Big Baby” Davis


Brandon was a tremendous athlete.

UH needs to offer AJ Dybantsa.

When are we going to offer this man?

Lol why do you hate 5 stars? I don’t think they will offer since it would be a waste of time.


It’s not as though he’s in our backyard….

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I don’t hate them. I just prefer other players that will stay and develop for a few years.

Would you rather take Jarace Walker as a Freshman or Fabian White as a 5th year? Every team is different and need different roles. But if you just compare the two players it’s simple.

Jarace wasn’t really in our backyard either. There are certain players you have to shoot for. Some guys are special.

Most of the time you recruit guys who you have a realistic shot at getting but I say throw a bone and see if you can’t get a dog that I think will be head and shoulders above

Jarace- PTS 11.2 REB 6.8 AST 1.8 BLK 1.3 FG 46.5% 3ptFG 34.7%

Fabian- PTS 12.5 REB 5.7 AST 1.2 BLK 1.4 FG 49.1 3ptFG 37.1%


Thanks for the stats side to side. The reason I would pick Fabian is his veteran leadership and slightly higher efficiency from the field.

But they’re pretty close and that’s why I chose them as the comparison of who would you rather have.

I doubt he goes to college.

Ok I get where you are coming from on that. I think it’s case by case. Dybantsa is probably a long shot so I figured the staff knows not to waste time with him.

Yeah they know what they’re doing with who they offer. I’m just fangirling over AJ because. I think he could be special.

And I will say I enjoyed watching Jarace this year. We will reload but if I had to choose I would pick a 4 year player. That 2022 had a lot of veterans in college like Fabian, Taze, Carlton, Edwards. And it showed that they were just more mature on the court.


Always appreciate your information.

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apparently, he was pretty good as a 12 year old

Jachai Cantave: A Phenom Waiting To Happen - DefenderNetwork.com

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