23-24 UH Football Season



2022 record: 8-5

2023 schedule
Sept. 2 UTSA W
Sept. 9 at Rice W
Sept. 16 TCU L
Sept. 23 Sam Houston W
Sept. 30 at Texas Tech L
Oct. 7 IDLE
Oct. 12 West Virginia W
Oct. 21 Texas L
Oct. 28 at Kansas State L
Nov. 4 at Baylor L
Nov. 11 Cincinnati W
Nov. 18 Oklahoma State W
Nov. 25 at UCF W

Best case: Building expectations for the first year in a Power Five Conference is tricky. Expecting the Cougars to waltz into the Big 12 and compete for a conference title in year one feels misplaced. The goal for Houston is to prove it belongs, pull a couple of upsets, and start to build recruiting classes that make the Cougars competitive in 2024 and beyond. That won’t stop the Cougars from trying to compete with the big boys in 2023. Houston is 20-7 in the last two years under Dana Holgorsen after posting a 7-13 record over his first two seasons.

Texas Tech transfer Donovan Smith arrived in the spring to take over for the departing Clayton Tune. The Cougars also welcome back star running back Alton McCaskill. That duo, combined with an offensive line led by Patrick Paul, could make them one of the best rushing offenses in the league. Any improvements on defense would be welcomed after struggling on third down last season. An eight or nine-win season feels like the ceiling for Houston in 2023. A home game against UTSA in Week 1 feels important.

Worst case: A scenario exists where Houston doesn’t even reach bow eligibility in 2023. The season starts with a home game against a talented UTSA squad that pushed the Cougars to three overtimes even with Tune and Tank Dell on campus. The Big 12 schedule starts in Week 3 with a home game against TCU. Houston travels to Texas Tech, Kansas State, Baylor, and UCF in 2023. The home schedule includes Cincinnati and Oklahoma State. The offense could take a major step backwards without Tune and Dell. If the defense doesn’t return to the 2021 form, a long season could be on tap in Third Ward.


Not losing to horn at home. Got a hunch. lol


Is that like an archery competition?


Right lol, they are going to want to humiliate us

Our guys will want to do the same thing. lol

Edit: we have more to prove. Horn will lose. Bank on it!


Sigh. That’s my reaction to this thread

Idk how to feel about the season

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If we lost week 1 vs UTSA he gone

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Same here, not going to be a judge until I’ve been presented with some evidence.

Unlike in years since the breakup of the SWC, I looked at each season as a matter of survival. If we didn’t win we would remain banished to the hinterlands.

Ok, so we are no longer banished but we still have to be successful. But this year is about seeing progress or seeing another coach.

I don’t like Dana but I want to win more than anything else. My expectations are that we play most everyone close and we aren’t embarrassed and you can see hope in the future.


Just win 6 and not get clowned by UT, and that’s good enough for me


Outside forces are attempting to ruin my season. In the last week I’ve been told I have to attend weddings on the dates of UTSA and Rice. Also, there is a wedding in October that is yet to be finalized.

I’ve been to one wedding in the last ten years. All of the sudden we get in to the Big 12 and love is in the air.


You HAVE to attend? Is your mom making you? :roll_eyes: :rofl:


That is why…unlike uhlaw97…you will never be…the POLLY PREZ!!!



As the polly prez, I cannot conceive of non-success.


I can see this best case scenario. 3-9 is worst case to me. Losing the home opener to UTSA (that’ll be their super bowl), then going 1-8 in conference play with the only win coming against WVU. We haven’t even been successful against UCF or Cinci lately.

I can’t wait for the season to start…finally back in a Big Boy Conference.

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A scenario like that is what it would take to get CDH fired.

Unlikely to happen, in my view.

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Same here. If Holgorsen can get the team to bowl eligibility and not be embarrassed by the Whorns, then I will be satisfied with the season. Not enthusiastic, but satisfied.


Mommy would never. The wife doesn’t mind giving me the guilt trip though.


I’m wanting some more media coverage and interviews about spring practice it is very quiet. I’m hyped for the scrimmage next Friday


My guess is that they have been focused on march madness.