23-24 UH Football Season

Open bar >> UTSA & Rice


I’m so excited for the football season and to see us play some big 12 competition. I’ll be out there almost every game!

The only thing to make our university complete is the have a men’s soccer team.


I don’t think the Big 12 has men’s soccer, so would need to find a home or it.

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Yeah I think they need to add it. Unfortunately, the Title IX stuff makes it so UH and a lot of other Texas universities can’t. But they have a lot of money surely they could add another women’s sport and add men’s soccer. But I thought the sports had to be equal? UH has 6 men’s sports and 9 women’s sports.

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Need to add wrestling and women’s gymnastics.


I’m going to be really disappointed if we don’t make a bowl game. Take care of OOC and go 3-6 in Big12 play. Can’t be that damn hard


13-0, haterzzz.


I just hope the Coogs can continue to build on the success. 8 win season plus a bowl win would be fine with me. Coogs need to be consistent like the Basketball program.

If we win 2 conference games, my expectations will be met. We really don’t know anything about this team. Compared to our AAC schedule, not an easy game or a sure win once we start conference play.


Are we their SB or would SMU fill that spot? I guess Big 12 > AAC conference opponent

I wish that people would follow the rules, there are no weddings during football and basketball seasons. That’s what the summer months are for.


Equal number of scholarships, I believe. Thus with so many for football, there are more women’s sports to balance out.

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I have no desire to watch wrestling (find rolling around on ground boring to watch) or women’s gymnastics (except Olympics women’s teams)., but if others watch, I am pretty open as people have different tastes.

I am more a beach volleyball fan (both men’s and women’s teams are fun to see).

Women’s gymnastics is a natural fit for UH for two reasons:

  1. the amount of local talent

  2. Shannon Miller, 2d most decorated US women’s gymnast ever, is a UH alum, and Simon Biles is a Houstonian.

As for Wrestling, this is the Big 12.

LOTS of national titles. Wrestling POWER conference.


Wrestling? Eh. I think Men’s swimming would actually be a good fit. I like the gymnastics one too though.

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Shannon Miller can clear this up for you.


There is always video-conference attendance . . . . .

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Women’s mud ? ? ? ? ?


Clear up what?

In a classic “gotta keep my job“ season. We get a 10 win season, get college game day - Texas v UH and we win and we get a NY6 bowl and proceed to suck for the two years following.

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