$30 to park?

Anyone else feel like this is a rip off? Do they charge this much for Texans games?

This is why I HATE NRG stadium and why I never want us to play there.

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Yes, it’s a rip-off. I miss the days when it was only $8 to park. There’s a $20 parking lot that you can shuttle your way to the stadium.

$8? I remember when it was raised to $4 at the Astrodome; I thought that was high. $30 is nuts.

Looked up what it is for Texans games and apparently, you can’t pay cash to get into the NRG lots for Texans games; have to have a pass.

These are the types of questions that big time programs don’t ask. What’s a fair deal, $20? So you’re concerned about $10? Come on.

There is always Metro Rail

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That is what I am doing.

$30 to park is gouging no matter what.

I remember when a soda cost a nickel.

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That is how much parking is at NRG, regardless of event. Guns N Roses, Texans, Rodeo, etc. that is what parking costs, period. Not making a value assessment, just saying that is how it is. There are other options of course. You could have paid 25 by buying parking earlier, you can take Metro Rail, you can park in non-NRG cash lots for $20 and walk to the stadium, etc. It was just as expensive, in Atlanta for the Peach Bowl, more if you didn’t get your parking early.

That is just how much parking costs at and around NFL stadiums. Cowboy stadium is much, much higher.

$20 is at least a single bill. $30 means change has to be made most of the time which slows down the line to get in.

I pay $35/game for Orange lot parking for Texans’ games.

i couldnt agree more! I have to park in some lot south of the loop and take a train to the stadium! and i still pay 15 dollars to do that! I HATE NRG and everything about it.

Lol at Guns N Roses. I was there too. I usually hate driving up there. But at least you don’t have to take the Metro Rail which takes around an hour from the HCC Northline campus.

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Yes, they do ask the same question and UH fans will pay it just like they do, after a bit of well deserved bitching and moaning.

You’ll do the same thing under your breath right before you order a $9 beer.

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Where is the $ 20 lot?

I wish they would put in about 10 or 20 stops in between so people did not have to ride so long…

If I remember correctly, when we had our season at NRG, wasn’t it $10 to park? I don’t mind paying the $30 as long as some of it goes back to the school, but I’m guessing it’s not. We paid $30 to park at the Peach Bowl, but this is, as CTH puts it, an exhibition game.

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Don’t y’all think this is a part of the price for all of the national publicity we are getting from this game? No problems here. “Charge it to winning.”

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Uh…you ever checked the parking prices at Jerry World? Welcome to the future.

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