$30 to park?

I parked for free in the Hood at the Peach Bowl. It was a nice in and out with a bunch of FSU fans nearby. Fairly long walk though.

I paid the $25 to park at NRG because I have two others coming with me and one is over 70.

Payin’ the cost to be the boss.

Quit your bitching. Man up and get used to paying more for everything. That’s the new world we’re entering. What a bunch of whiny titty babies. Come by my office and I’ll give you a lollipop.

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Big time program or not, paying $30 to park is insane. From a business standpoint, if they charged $20 instead of $30, I guarantee they would have a whole lot fewer people trying to find cheaper parking outside their lots, and therefore, would make a whole lot more money. Someone clearly doesn’t understand the principle of “point of diminishing returns.” Maybe the lot owners didn’t take economics classes at UH. Oh well. I know I’ll be finding cheaper parking and taking the rail in.

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I assume you’ll be eating lunch at 7-11.

I rode the rail in the Peach Bowl. I didnt know exactly how to get there but I used my proven method of following people with similar clothes, unfortunately that meant I was surrounded by FSU fans the whole way by myself. Legit fun tho.

If someone wants to charge me $30 for a burger, yes. Call me cheap all you want, but I’m a value guy. I don’t mind paying money if I feel I get enough value in return. There will never be a circumstance where I feel I get enough value in return to pay $30 for a parking spot. Not if there are other options available, which there are.

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We used Uber exclusively for the Peach Bowl and it was awesome. If I lived closer to the stadium, I would probably use Uber Saturday as well.


Just bustin chops 2002.

But seriously, you should spoil yourself sometime with a $30 burger.

You buying?

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I picked up a rental since I was out there from Tuesday to Sunday and planned many trips. Even made it out to the Walking Dead set.

Think of it as $30 for a nice tailgating spot. No tailgating in the Sams parking lot. Good luck tailgating on the side streets surrounding the stadium.

The tailgating atmosphere will be insane and well worth twice that.

Some of you are going to be in a world of hurt if/when UH gets in the Big 12. Get ready to pony up alot more for tickets, parking and everything associated with UH Athletics. If you are getting butthurt over parking for one of the biggest games in school history, I doubt you will be able to cope with what is coming.

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I disagree. Again, it’s a value proposition. I’m willing to pony up more for tickets it we get into the Big 12 because games within that conference and the opportunities it will open are more valuable to me. Parking, however, is not more valuable (to me). If UH starts charging $30 for parking, I will find somewhere else to park. I’d rather use that $30 to give to Cougar Pride or buy UH merchandise, both of which are more valuable to me than a parking spot. I think you’re confusing butthurt with a difference of opinion on value. But hey, to each his own.


Most of you graduated from UH and found good jobs. Don’t cry “poor” when most of you aren’t poor.


To me, it’s not a if I can afford it issue. Its the fact that someone who pays $40 for a ticket (that was the value on my ticket), and I have to pay $30 to park, that is insane. Parking is 75% of the ticket cost! And you are saying this is what we look forward to if we join the Big 12, which I know everything will go up. But that is like saying hey, tickets in the Big 12 now are $80 per ticket, so we will charge $60 to park (which is still equivalent to being 75% of the ticket price).

What I don’t like is that the parking fee isn’t going to support UH, but NRG. If TDECU was charging $30, I would feel better about paying it since it is going to our school, and not some greedy NFL owner (if he owns the parking lot).


I like lollipops.

$20 parking is the accepted standard. Raise that to $30 for what basically amounts to a CFP quarter-final game at a NFL palace like NRG, and it melts some of your faces off.

If we could hire BleachBit to wipe this thread off the internet forever, that’d be great.

No room for difference of opinion on topics on this board. Got it.

Parking is what it is. Whining about it won’t change anything, and all it does is make us look small time.


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