$40Billions additional aid to Ukraine and NO BABY FORMULA?

I am all for helping Ukraine especially against “genocide putin” Now let’s look at the November 2020 defense/military donations to the so called d.c. politicians.

Now let’s look on how these donations were split:

Now let’s look at the top beneficiaries:

Top Senate candidate

House members

Top House candidates

You can “dive” and find each politician getting money.
This explains how “eager” these same politicians are “sprinting” to give an additional $40Billions to Ukraine in all kinds of aid. Yes these “gifts” are not only military related.
At the same time we found out yesterday that we do not have enough BABY FORMULA
We keep hearing that we won’t send troops to Ukraine.
We have effectively financed the Ukrainian army to fight “genocide putin” while ignoring basic needs at home. Common sense does not exist in D.C. I often blast dirty d.c. prostitutes politicians. This is another example of it.
Notice that I did not write about drugs coming through our borders killing Americans at unprecedented numbers.

Have you even bothered to read about why there is a shortage of baby formula?

The fact we are ignoring basic needs is not new, and the list is long, but conflating the two is a real stretch.

Is that you Paul Gosar or Putin…posting this?


You associated me with genocide putin?
Do you find it funny?
We can disagree on a few things but don’t go that route.

When was the last time we had a National baby formula shortage?

I wonder which news outlet Chris read/listened to to come up with this new fake outrage?

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Here is the full article:

The article states that this issue has been going on since…last year. We are debating about baby formula not toilet paper here. This is a clear example of how government works…does not work or have their priorities upside down.
Tell that to Mrs. Smith trying to feed her baby. We are not a third world nation. Are we?

Ah but that’s at the core of the message strategy, “If you’re explaining, you’re losing.” In this case it’s a baby formula shortage. There is tremendous value and power in America for simple sentence problems with complex causes and solutions. I mean for those who need to exploit the problem.


No, we came close in January of 2021, but dodged the bullet only by the actions of one man.

I suppose your rage should be directed at Abbott the manufacturer of contaminated products ?


No, i dont think it is funny.

Yes, I am putting you in the same boat with Putin.

You are parroting russian talking points, and many in the GOP are doing the same. I guess, Putin is getting his moneys worth as you are carrying his water by conflating funding for Ukraine and baby formula.

You could have titled the tread baby formula but you didn’t. So ask yourself, whos side are you on?

Abbots contaminstion of formula is what knocked over the first domino. How is it the administrations fault…oh hold on…ah, yes…you want more government oversight regulations on business…so on brand for the new GOP.


Where is your outrage at Abbott?

Here is a sample as to what happened with a company that has 80% market share of baby formula.

-Total breakdown in basic quality control protocols
-Rampant record falsification
-Fired whistleblowers
-Culture of insouciance re duping regulators who did not exactly display a sense of urgency

Abbott used money they received to buyback stocks instead of addressing baby formula plant issues.

We have a shortage due to corporate greed.

So how is this related to Ukraine?


Yea, its Greg Abbott’s fault!


Why don’t the other companies step up production? It seems that where there’s demand the supply would come from sources wanting to capitalize.

And no, I don’t see any connection between Ukraine and the baby formula issue. But, I do remember President Eisenhower warning against the power of the defense industry.

Did you read the article posted or do you pretend that you read it?

What does this say?

Pre-dates those issues…Get it now?

Arent you exhausted from carrying Putins water regarding Ukraine.

Please link the two, we are waiting.


Per the article it mentions declining birthrates and a shift to breast milk that has seen use of formula decline. May not be a business case for more inventory.

With the attention to the matter, people without kids are hoarding formula too and trying to flip it for a profit now.

Someone is tryingbto flip 150 cans. That is scummy.

Then there is this…Trump’s North American Trade Agreement taxes baby formula imports at 17%+ and actively discourages importing formula from Canada, but let’s blame Biden.


I have a pretty good idea of what you are trying to do by associated me to genocide putin.
You have no valid responses but insults. You on malice purpose try to tie up the ice cream man with my overall point of how these politicians, some politicians truly vote and why.

It is your thread…guess you again wont answer. How are the two related? Shall we add this to the list of things you wont answer?


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Please tell me that one factory in Michigan does not produce the vast majority of baby formula. I just hope there’s no fire.


They do.

  • Four infants who consumed products from the plant were hospitalized with bacterial infections. Two of the infants died.

It’s a huge supplier, the baby formula shortage is, like everything, more complicated than just one thing but the production facility is a major issue. It’s the thing that takes everything from problems to serious crisis.

It’s just another example of just how much we as a society live on the edge in terms of the things we depend on.


Read the article. This did not start a few months ago but last year. How much time does it take for this to be resolved?

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