4th Downs and Turnovrs

Do those childish playground insult attempts really work for you in your head? Is that who you are? I get there are a lot of young people on this board but isn’t there an age requirement? How did you get past that?

Yes. Yes they do.

figures. I am not surprised childish playground insults are your thing.

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The only thing anyone can hear from you are muffled ‘mmm mmmm mmmmm’ because your head remains in place; wedged tightly inside your backside.

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Apparently you are willing to continue with your childish responses while I am not willing to participate anymore in your simple diatribes.

I give you my permission to respond once more but know I will never see it.

You’ve run out of anything approaching clever to write about for quite a while, probably from loss of oxygen to the brain or a general lack of wit. I win.

Wait, what’s that? ‘MMMmmmm.’ Oh, I accept your apology for calling me names. ‘Mmmm mmmm mm.’ Glad to hear you learned a valuable lesson and it will never happen again. Good for you. ‘Mmmmm mmmm,’? No, I don’t have a crowbar. You’ll have to pull your own head out. Sorry.

Dana on 4th downs this season

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We are currently 1- for the season on 4th down and the one they converted was because the WR made a diving catch. If I am wrong correct me please.

Currently worst in the nation on 4th down. Yes, the numbers say go for it. But with someone else’s offense.

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