That’ll be UH football record.

Should blowout Tulsa & Temple at home.

They’ll lose to ECU on the road.

For a team on paper, imo to go undefeated or worse lose a game, i’m pretty disappointing to say the least.

Fire Beetlejuice, pls!


All I can say is “it’s third down in the third ward.”


I think we go 8-4 in the regular season.

I predict that we beat Tulane in the AAC title game. Then win our bowl game.

10-4 season.

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I’d like some of whatever you’re smoking. 8-4 doesn’t even get us into the AAC title game.



Win out.

Win the bowl game.

We fire coaches at 8-4, but not at 9-4.


Blowout??? I seriously doubt this team will win another game with Holgerson as coach. He should resign out of shame for ruining this program.



I see us winning our last three games, and likely our bowl game as well.

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Likelihood of beating:
Temple: 80% - Losing to Temple would ring very loud alarm bells.
Tulsa: 62.5% - I think we get their best game.
ECU: 25% - I’d give us better chances in Houston.

Hyperbole much

Every game left will be a struggle with our excuse for a defense

He also seriously doubted the team would win more than 2 games at one point.

I say 7 for sure. Bowl game will depend on who we play and if we have Tune/Dell/Mutin.

Our defense hasn’t been that bad for the rest of the year so it might be a one-off.

Where things would go very bad is if SMU’s offense is reproducible in the sense that any team can take their game plan and mow us over.

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??? What?? Our secondary has been terrible all year, remember 4th & 20?? #6 has been torched all year, as well as the rest of the secondary


I remember the 4th and 20 but I don’t remember giving up 77 points that week or any other week despite playing offenses that I believe are better than SMU’s.

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I agree with 7-5. ECU is actually a good team and will be motivated to give us a conference send-off, like SMU was.

We can win a Bowl Game to finish 8-5.

That would make Dana 20-7 in two seasons. Tom Herman won 22 in his two seasons.

Tom Herman played much harder teams than CDH!! No comparison with his cream puff schedule last year, next year will be more comparable, let’s see how many we win next year


Our remaining games are against Temple, ECU, and Tulsa. Not Big 12 teams

Besides the buyout it would be difficult to fire a guy who is 20-7 with 2 Bowl wins.

Our 2023 schedule is light years beyond 2021 and 2022.

Do we have players for such a schedule?

I feel like we usually play to our competition

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It isn’t difficult to fire a guy who is actually at 24-19, and likely to finish the year 25-21. That is slightly better than a .500 record.

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