8 team playoff on the cards? Very likely!

Bowlsby and Barry Alvarez supposedly supporting it, and pushing for it to happen sooner rather than later.

It won’t benefit us…I am not excited about this news…

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Some blue check mark on Twitter (can’t remember who right now) is already saying conferences would have to give up conference championship games to make this work and that will never happen. That makes no sense to me. Wouldn’t an 8 team playoff only shorten the gap between conference championship game and first round playoff game by one additional week? There’s already a month+ gap. I don’t think shortening that by a week would be that big of an obstacle to overcome. But maybe I’m missing something.

Well if one spot is reserved for the top ranked G5 conference champion, that’s not a bad deal. I am sure there will be all sorts of caveats like being ranked in the top 10, or some such thing, but better than what it is right now.


I don’t buy that for a minute. They’d be giving up tens of millions and for no good reason.

They could have 2 weeks between conf champ games and first round. Then two weeks between other rounds and still have the final mid January. Giving up conf champ games makes zero sense.


I say it’s highly unlikely a spot is reserved for a G5, but an 8 team playoff still gives us a better shot than 4.

For a G5 to be top 8, they would have to win the NY6 bowl, undefeated, and then undefeated the following season.

If they reserve a spot for a G5 I would be extremely suprised

I think he saying that because there would be conference losers who deserve playoffs over the conference champion especially if they had a tougher OOC and In-Conference schedule

That was Brett McMurphy. He likes to spin a narrative usually and isn’t always the most trustworthy.

He quoted the SEC commissioner as saying he wouldn’t give up the SEC Championship game and then Brett added that it would require giving up the CCGs. Not sure it would and, if the parties want it to work, they can make it work.

Guessing the SEC wants something for going to an 8 team playoff.


So, it automatically makes a no big conference team ranked 9

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I just dont see how Autobids would work in an 8-team system.

5 CCG winners getting autobids makes sense, but on paper it just doesn’t add up when factoring OOC games and SOS’s. If OOC games are just preparation for conference games, then they shouldn’t affect rankings win or lose. However, OOC is very important especially for G5 teams

There just needs to be a massive overhaul of the CFB system for this to work

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Not rocket science that this will be happening … SOONER THAN LATER …

The handwriting was on the wall … Clarabell from Howdy Doody even predicted it … :wink:

ONLY one extra game so that we go to quarterfinals instead of semis … and no one will be getting rid of the conf championship games

Yes the best G5 conf champ will given one of the slots …

HOWEVER I see one caveat possibly entering the picture … NO independent will be given a free ride into the playoffs by skipping a conf champ’ship game … which means ND and BYU will have to join a conf. or be left out

NOT CERTAIN why dd has the hibbie jibbies over this … he has probably been in one TOO many choo-choo train crashes to date …

5 P5 champs, top ranked G5 if it’s in the top 15, 2 at large.

The real danger is that this will in all likelihood put an end to any chance of P5 expansion. No way P5 agrees to 8 team playoff, expands with the top 4 G5 programs and still agree to give remaing G5 a seat at the table.

The other danger is the new TV contract. With an expanded playoff and a G5 team now all but guaranteed to make the playoffs, the anti-Trust issue gone, ESPN can lowball on a media deal now with a lot less pressure to worry about.

P5 conferences are paid different rates, so nothing illegal in paying the AAC a lowball amount.

AND AS I KEEP RE-ITERATING … if this comes about …

NO ONE will be jockeying for the BEST P5 conference … that would be suicidal playoff-wise … they will be wanting to enter/join the worse P5 conf. … unless 'course they are more interested in P5 $$$ payoffs and not the playoffs or nat’l champ’ship

Yes…then we will never get in Top 10. A 25 team playoff will keep us from being ranked all together. BTW, we will all ways be the odd man out unless it is reformed…and only champs of every conference gets in. They will make it even more unfair. What happens if the SEC get a guaranteed 5 spots…

Money quote:
As one Power 5 athletic director said, “Sometimes it feels like they’re deciding based on recruiting rankings and not the games actually played on the field.”

As far as making ND and BYU join a conference, it takes two to tango. ND wants no one and no one wants BYU, so that’s a problem.


They need to. A four team playiff is getting boring REAL quick.

G5’s are not going to make the cut and the 8 team playoff system makes it easier for P5 teams to just ignore us. The train has left the station and we never saw it come thru.
You can still have conference championships even if the results don’t change who gets in. It’s a new world.

Why on earth would they do that? UCF being in the top ten is an anomaly. Most years the highest ranked G5 will be outside the top ten in any poll you look at.

Undefeated Houston 2016 gets in

We defeated #3 OU and #5 UoL

We get in with an 8 team playoff purely based on rankings and SOS

CCG autobids and we dont have a chance. Committee will not just give a G5 a free ticket. If there are autobids, we are toast.

Our best chance at playoffs is if the system stays the same but with 8 teams instead of 4. It will always be subjective just like all rankings usually are (AP/Coaches).

It will take serious OOC scheduling and no more than a 1-loss season, but it can happen. We just have to try and schedule out the toughest teams possible, and also pray the our futue OOC scheduled teams are nationally ranked by the time we play them.

It’s join a P5 over all else for me. Yeah we get chances to make the big leagues in basketball and baseball, but being in a G5 still hurts as for recruiting in all sports

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i think this is where Aresco’s P6 push and our conferences ny6 bowl history could play. we lobby for an auto bid for the american and distance ourselves from the G4… afterall as a conference we have outperformed all the rest of the non p5 … it’s going to be hard to go to 8 teams and still have to listen to an undefeated aac team claiming a national title…the only way to do it is to include the aac…
that would give us a chance to modify our alignment as sdsu, boise, byu and fresno would want in…would also increase our value and push the rest of the G4 out

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