8 Teams

P5 Champs
2 P5s At-Large
Highest ranked G5

In this year’s case:

  1. Bama
  2. Clemson
  3. Ohio St
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Oregon
  6. Notre Dame
  7. TAMU
  8. Cincy

No matter the system, teams will be screwed at the P5 and G5 level, but this is the fairest option


P6 Champs
Highest ranked G4
1 at large


10 conference champions
2 at large
4 teams get a 1st round bye

Now only IF Aresco can negotiate that when these talks come up then we will be golden.

This will also force independents into a conference : Notre Dame (ACC or B1G 10) and BYU (AAC). The Risk/Reward is just too great to remain independent for that lone At-Large.

Win your Conference and you are in! Imagine how much MORE interesting both the conference games and playoff will be!

I am asking you why are you posting a cfp with a G5?

SCAM this is a SCAM
What is it that you do not understand about this? I am serious. I could understand maybe a few posts after a season or two. This has to stop.

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Too many games

The right playoff system is the one the FCS follows. Only Conference winners advance.

So simple, it’s profound.

No the FCS has at large bids also, SHSU got in but did not win the Southland one year


FCS has at-large spots and plays politics with them too

Guys…the point is that conference winners within the FCS are represented.

Not just 4 teams selected by a committee.

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It needs to be eight because four is just boring with the same teams. Bama Clemson and Ohio State have such a huge recruiting advantage now that it becomes self replicating.

Does anyone actually get excited about watching Bama play anyone?

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Then the system is working

6 highest rated conference champs
2 at large


10 conference champs
6 at large

Nor really. Even if you wen 16 teams that’s just four rounds. Have home games for first three rounds…and a destination game final like the NFL complete with 2 weeks between semifinal and final…you could still finish on the second Saturday in January.

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More playoff teams will not improve the AAC’s odds. Any changes in the system will benefit the p5 and be designed to promote the status quo. The last thing these miscreants want is an AAC fly in their ointment every year.

An AAC team can make the playoff. They would have to wax the p5 in OOC and go undefeated and dominant in conference play.
Their point differential will need to be monstrous.

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Parity makes all sports leagues more entertaining to watch… That’s why luxury taxes exist and top draft picks go to last year’s loser.

NCAAF has no parity and it’s not entertaining anymore…

I will be watching the New Mexico Bowl, though.

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Right. Go to eight and this is how you should do it. Just say “top six conference champions” and that’s almost always going to be the P5 and the top G5 but without giving specific conferences No Matter What status.

The best thing about an eight team playoff is that it’s much less critical (and controversial) whether the #8 or #9 team gets in as opposed to #4 vs. #5. You have to figure the #8 team will be fairly easy pickings for the #1 seed most years, but at least they get a shot. G5s will still get hosed if it’s close, but at least one G5 should make it every year.

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