A Big Boom Is Coming Soon

Players are eligible for the draft, but only underclassmen have to declare. You can also enter the NFL as an undrafted free agent. Kickers are a good example.


What a surprise … California can take something already F’d up, sprinkle their pixie dust on it, and take it to unimaginable levels.

California was the first state with NIL laws.

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The big boom I was telling you all about is now official.

David Ugwoegbu.


All I can say is sweeet dude!

Finally good news.

Shocked they fired Brandon but when Marquel left he was next to get thrown under the bus.

Banes mother on FB said he’s a terrible coach and person​:rofl::rofl:

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Sheesh :grimacing:

Hell yah



Was she talking abt Dana or Brandon?

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Wouldn’t say getting rid of Jones is throwing him under the bus

Any more bad seasons and Dana will drive straight to Commerce and fire Carrier again.


He can’t TC is at Grambling

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Brandon. I talked to her and Joey Banes at a football game a couple of years ago and they had some bad things to say about him.

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Coach V is not getting enough love.

Don’t give him any ideas.

Hearing of another boom coming soom.


Can you give us a tease with the position?

This thread continues to deliver