A lot of y’all owe Tramon Mark an Apology

A bunch of y’all were dragging him last weekend and Thursday night.


I don’t Tramon an apology. I made a prop bet today that he’d score 16+. It was his time.


Mid range mark!


Ive always thought the talent was there it was just finding ways to utilize his skillset. Mark is great mid range and driving to the basket but Sasser and Shead spend so much of the time with the ball in their hands it forces Tramon to play off the ball which not best way to use him.


I recall that people said he needed to step up and he did. What’s the problem?

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No, people were literally saying he was the reason we were losing to Memphis and he didn’t deserve high leverage minutes.

No one is safe on this board.

Okay. Maybe Marcus. But everyone else? They’re free game. Haven’t you seen that?

Actually. I take that back. People have come after Marcus, too.

So, yes. No one is safe on this board. Lol


Not me. I wrote:

We need the Tramon Mark who led us during the first half at the FedEx forum.

He seems to play well this year in hostile environments. In 11 road games (Oregon, Virginia, Conference games), Mark:

Shot 44% including 39% from deep. 82% from FT line.
Compare 36%, 31% from deep and 74% in non-road games.

Averaged 12 points and 6 rebounds per game.
Compare 9 points and 4 rebounds per non-road game.

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he could have been doing this all year…

he owed US an apology for holding out the juice till now

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Could not have said it better.

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He has to learn when to pick his spots when Marcus is on the floor with him.

He can’t completely disappear just because Marcus is at a higher usage rate when on the floor.

I absolutely loved what I saw tonight. Even when Marcus was on the floor. Every time Wendel Green got switched on to Mark. What happened? A mark Iso. And a high percentage shot. Because of who was defending him.

He needs to continue to be this aggressive. When he spots the mismatch.


Yep this is accurate. Criticizing Mark for underperforming or expressing disappointment that he had not before tonight consistently played to his potential is not irrational player-hating. And what we saw tonight was a very talented player rising to the occasion when he was really needed. It was a great moment for Mark, I’m very happy for him and the team–and also us fans, who get to look forward to another exciting weekend of March basketball.


No he doesn’t. He’s had to take the 3rd seat behind Marcus and Jamal. As Reid Gettys pointed out his freshman year, Tramon’s skills are much like James Harden’s game. Both he and Jamal are better with the ball than off, while Marcus is better as an off guard.

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Great game but hopefully he can be consistent. That’s the key.

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Reid also said that T. Mark was “like Harden” because he can draw lots of fouls. Tramon 8 of 9 FT’S tonight!

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A prop bet at +16 on Mark?

Where on earth did you get that bet and what were the odds?
I’ve never seen a prop bet in my life that had a player who averages less than 10ppg have a +16 total….90% ove the money would have been on the under.

I think most of us said he was the guy that needed to step up and that he needed to focus on his mid range game that had recently gone missing
He did exactly that and it was awesome
Also awesome to hear Jim nantz talk about him in the same sentence as Andre ware when he was talking and out Dickinson high school

Great game for tramon tonite

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I love this guy. He seems to be kind of quiet and perhaps a bit shy. His showboat gene is definitely recessive. His body language and the way he carries himself shows this as well. But…when the chips are down, he becomes the silent assassin. If you think about it that has been his history. He is a wonderful weapon in our arsenal and I am very glad he is on our side. It’s as if he loves his teammates but doesn’t want to compete against them but when they need him he changes from smoldering embers to full blown flame.


If we play Miami. And Nijel Pack gets anywhere near Tramon.

As Shaq would say. Barbecue chicken.


Some people said a lot worse than that on the NKU game thread.

It pissed me off and I flagged them, so maybe the posts have been removed. I haven’t gone back to look.

Nobody’s above criticism. But if one can’t see the difference between fair criticism and being an a-hole, they ought not to be posting on a website dedicated to supporting UH and its athletic programs.