A New Disturbance in the Force

I was so looking forward to visiting that amusement park.:rofl:

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China is Enron. Everything is a fraud.

Well the government creates these fraudsters. Case in point Chinese businessman went to Japan and setup a small office in Tokyo with a staff of 1, his business being a import firm or something like that. He flew back to China passing himself off as a successful businessnan saying he had many contacts and much success in Japan pointing to his internet presence and all, the end game was to get Chinese government funding which he did in the millions, until he was busted


I received news this week of a price drop from one of my suppliers. Anecdotal of course, but I’ve never seen that before from them. Ever.

Scroll down for a long list of freight bankruptcies & layoffs

Seems like it was just 3 years ago we were concerned about there not being enough truck drivers
to handle the aging and retiring truck drivers.

Of course about 2 years ago there was a massive, never before seen surge in demand, as
covid waned and supply lines were starting up. Did the industry overreact to the demand surge
and is now paying the price ? Or is this the first real signs of the long talked about hard landing
with major recession coming soon ? Stay tuned.


As a former drunken sailor, I can attest that you’re right.

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Happy Thanksgiving :turkey: ?!

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Greenway Plaza faces tough road to turnaround after defaulting on $465M loan

Court receiver appoints Cushman Wakefield, Lincoln Property to lease, manage distressed Houston office complex

https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/greenway-plaza-default-houston-office-distress-18476149.php (paywall)

Also —

A New York development firm is making a bet on Houston’s office market after buying an empty 20-story office tower where Chevron has a major block of sublease space it’s trying to shed.
https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/chevron-noble-energy-office-tower-houston-sells-18462511.php (paywall)

Turkey having an economic issue. Turkey. For Thanksgiving. So, was that post a comedic attempt or just reaching bit too far for doom and gloom?

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The real issues with America’s general public are Gas, groceries and interest rates. They are still high in relationship to pre-covid.

Give me a break, who the hell are they going to park money with? The Chinese?


This is because the economy is still flush with money, so banks don’t need to issue CDs at high long term interest rates.



So we can expect the Fed to hold steady on rates, or even spike them some more if inflation
doesn’t continue to fall.

Jamie Dimon just said that he thinks we’re still experiencing the sugar high from government spending.


a) Sugar high from post covid pent up demand / markets still reaching equilibrium
b) Sugar high from the influx of all immigrants working and buying