AAC Basketball Games - Week of Jan 19th

Wednesday: Cincinnati at Temple should be interesting and I will be watching Memphis at Tulsa. Let’s see if Tulsa can protect that home court.

Saturday: SMU at Memphis

This is a big week for Memphis.

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Wichita State and USF about to rumble in Tampa. I hope WSU gets back on track tonight.

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Wichita State and USF tied with 18:03 left in the 2nd

WSU going to pull it out.


Good for them.

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Not AAC but so fun to type.

I love seeing UT underachieve. Their 17th ranked recruiting class, all 3 of them having four stars went 0-10 FG, 4 points and 6 TO against West Virginia.

Their 8th ranked 2018 recruiting class, all 5 of them 4 stars went 4-14, 7 points and 6 TO against West Virginia.

8 top 200 recruits and 4-24, 11 points and 12 TO.



I’m convinced it’s not Shaka. It’s the toxic entitlement culture in Austin. Not to mention their athletic teams are practically run by influential alums. Why would any decent coach ever want to go there? Oh yeah…big bucks.

Hope it was worth potentially ruining your career Shaka. We’ve all enjoyed the view!

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They are the Veruca Salt of college athletics.
“I want a Tom Herman, daddy!”
“I want my own Shaka Smart! Right now!”



That’s a weird stat.


UT has become a school where up and coming coaches go to be mediocre coaches.


Texas is in a weird recruiting place. They want to recruit with the elites like Duke and Kentucky but they cannot.
So they get all these guys who are leaving early and creating a high roster turnover rate but are not a high enough caliber players to take them anywhere in the short term.
So yes there is a culture issue at Texas but it is on Shaka because he is the one recruiting these players. Also a big part of this is ut and a&m has lost its luster when compared to other Texas schools like Houston, Tech, Baylor, TCU. We can go head to head with them in recruiting and win battles.


Cincy at Temple
Memphis at Tulsa

Pretty good doubleheader tonight


Cinci and Temple are in an all out war rn. 75-72 Cinci w/ 1:40 left

I predict frustration for Tulsa and Memphis with this crew. Seen them, been there, done that…

Quick start for Tulsa : 14-6 with 13+ mins left in H1

Tulsa is taking it to Memphis. They might get some tourney bid love if they win tonight and keep it up.

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26-12 Tulsa. Under 8 TO.

ESPNU for anyone interested


Tulsa is using the Houston blue print of offensive boards and general toughness to house Memphis so far.

Lunardis latest bracket has AAC with 3 teams in while all the P5+BE has 5+. One more team needs to rise in the AAC so we can get 4 bids again and keep the “Major 7” conversation going. The committee is not going to make this easy on us that 4th team has to earn it.

Sheesh Tulsa is taking them boys behind the woodshed


I hope Memphis plays this uninspired against UH in the two later in the season.