AAC Playoff Location; Houston or Orlando?

At the risk of getting ahead of myself, if we and UCF are both undefeated in conference play where would the championship game be?

Whoever has the higher CFP ranking.

ucf would get it…we need ucf to lose 1 to get it.

or for the cfp to be really really biased against ucf

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If they won the rest of their games while struggling and we blew everyone out it is possible they could put us one spot ahead.

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somebody posted this in another thread, so I’m just repeating:

  1. Best Conference record
  2. If tied, then winner of head to head matchup
  3. If teams didn’t play, then best overall record; and
  4. If same overall, then look at CFP rankings

Never thought about that scenario. UCF would have to barely squeak by USF and Cincy. I think the best (and most likely scenario) for us is meeting and beating a dominant #6 ranked UCF in Orlando.

I plan on going to Disney world in Decemebr!

I have been wondering which is best for us, you have to assume playing at home would be case for winning the championship game. But maybe it would be sweet for UH to go in a kill UCf dreams like Southern Miss did us.

Always better to play at home. Regardless of where we win, we go NY6. So rout for playing at home. Need Temple or USF to step up and beat UCF.


Will be Orlando unless they drop a game. We cannot afford to loss any games otherwise we can kiss NY6 chance goodbye.

We should always want the CCG to be played on our home field for our team, fans and university. It represents a special marketing opportunity for the city, state and nation. If both teams take care of their business the rest of the regular season, we’ll play a UCF team with a 25 game win streak on the line. You’ve got to love it!!


UCF has the following games left:


If we win out and UCF lost to Navy, we would play the AAC championship in Houston. If UCF loses to any of the other three, we would most likely play the team that beat UCF in the AAC championship in Houston.

If UCF won all of their remaining games, they would finish 11-0, and would therefore beat us on the third tiebreaker, since we can finish no better than 11-1.

Yeah, saw that after I posted.

If they drop a game then thier ranking drops significantly and therefore beating them is less rewarding. I still want retribution for close losses we suffered to UCF in 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014.

Unless the CFP mysteriously puts us close to UCF this week, no way the remainder of our schedule puts ahead of UCF if neither team loses. They won’t be moving back spots for barely beating Temple, Navy, Cincy and USF and we won’t be moving up 10 spots for crushing SMU, Temple, Tulane and Memphis.

If we win out, there is only one scenario where we don’t play the CCG in Houston - an undefeated UCF.

We still need to win out. A single loss will not ruin our CCG bid but may ruin our NY6 bid.

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By the same criteria, none of the G4 will pass us up for the NY6 if we win out regardless of what happens in the East.

So we are better off if UCF get a loss and we get home field in CCG.

Again, probably should wait until the CFP to have more convos like this. Utah State may be ahead of us.


Who has Utah State played other than Michigan State?