After Midnight

After midnight, we’re gonna let it all hang down
After midnight, we’re gonna chug-a-lug and shout
We’re gonna stimulate some action
We’re gonna get some satisfaction
We’re gonna find out what it is all about
After midnight, we’re gonna let it all hang down (after midnight, after midnight)

He isn’t going to change.

Perhaps he should be allowed on sports boards but not the Satellite

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There are others not banned but Johnny does push it a bit too much.

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I’m curious what the “too combative” threshold is and how one crosses it.
Emailing the mods all the time, language, posting too many responses, etc ?



Johnny is a good dude. He believes what he believes.

I just don’t believe in suspending people for being argumentative when that is the whole purpose of a fan board.

Oh crap has that qualified me as too combative?

By the way is Portland still involved with Coogfans?


I do not support censorship on the sattilite board it is for discussing current events. He did not do anything to offend me yesterday and i was the main one he atracked for my views on gun control and at what age you should be adult enough to make decisions


I have gotten the too combative ban. I guess that’s what you get for repling to people who are directing posts at you.
Portland has been gone a long time

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Crap, I didn’t know Portland was gone. He was a good dude as well.


Does that mean, hate to ask, passed on, or just not doing
the moderator thing and has other things going on ?

I don’t know for sure. The timing and circumstances made me feel like he got tired and feed up.

Being a moderator is a thankless job. Your damned if you do and your damned if you don’t. He has done it for a long time. He did a good job and is missed but moderation goes on.


Well I hope he is enjoying life !

Is it too early to nominate JohnnyCougar as a moderator?

IT I don’t want to make your life hard but I wouldn’t suspend people unless they are threatening someone. We are all adults and we are all Coogs, we can handle some differing opinions. To me, what we do on here is healthy. We banter and we have fun. That is very stimulating and healthy.


Thanks for doing it

Did we just cancel JohnnyCougar? At least he’ll be back in time for football season, I guess.


JohnnyCougar sounds like an enigma.

No he isn’t an enigma but he is a really good dude.

He and I have probably never voted for the same politician except on accident. But you could tell he believed in what he said and he is really f’n smart

So lets quit suspending people, especially smart Coog people.

If you can get past the arrogance that smart people can disagree with you and they aren’t bad people, life can be very interesting and entertaining.


JC is a good guy, opinionated and smart. I have known him close to 20 years. Bummed he is in time out til august.


A fitting tribute


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