Analysis of PAC adding us

Favorable article on the PAC adding us.


“Any publicity is good publicity.”

Don King

“Btw…I love America!”

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Writer is on point with everything. Football can benefit from P4/P5 status. When we do win, our tv rating is as high as any P5 schools when we play in big games. Attendance will increase as well. C’mon CDH, surprised us this year.

What a dumb analysis. Put UH in the Pac 12 and everything instantly improves, including consistency. We have had to deal with numerous coaching changes being in a non P5 and had recruiting disadvantages being in a non P5 as well. His point that “Andre Ware wouldn’t have won the Heisman had he not been in the SWC” basically proves that. In the Pac12, we get better athletes and are competitive. I really hope whoever wrote this article doesn’t have influence with the Pac 12 decisions.


Did I read it wrong? Didn’t he basically say that the Pac12 should stay away from UH due to the negatives he stated?

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“ the Pac-12 isn’t here to provide charity to other schools”

“Basketball only”? :man_facepalming:t2:

How many NY6 bowls or Final Fours have the Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, (or anyone else they’d consider) been to?

You’re throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Its not his job to hypothesize what UH could be. He’s saying what we add.

You can’t go into a negotiation saying I could really make your conference better later if you let me be like you.

Isn’t that what this article is all about? Hypothesizing what teams would fit in the Pac12? That’s the whole point. So, if he is going to do that, then be thorough and accurate.

Why should any conference bank on what we can do, instead of what we actually do. That’s a rhetorical question because they shouldn’t.

But I hope they do.

The article is about UH. He wasn’t comparing UH to other schools. I think it’s a fair assessment of UH and where we are right now. The most important thing to me was when he brought up about rating when we win. We can delivered a lot of eyeballs, not just in Houston and Texas, but the country overall.

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That’s stupid to me. You can’t compare the big 12 teams from UH, because they have been on different standards due to conference affiliation. He has to bank on that because we haven’t been on an even playing field.

Just asking a question.

He thinks basketball only, he states we aren’t good enough right now for football


Mentions UH as a good partner


Then their next question might be, “why aren’t you dominating your own playing field now?”


“Las Vegas may have streets paved with gold, but Houston has imported some of that Golden Nugget gold luck to the Bayou City, indeed, plenty enough for a crosswalk in the storied Third Ward.”

“The PAC leadership had a meeting of the bongs, and opted to elevate disc golf to varsity sport status rather than pursue expansion, as it is cheaper and way more rad.”

"A source that asked to remain unnamed stated, “We thought we exhausted every possibility of squandering what little cash we have in a new and novel way, but then we saw the articles in the press about how we would expand the conference and thought this may be our most creative path to ruination available. I mean, it seems fortuitous, but what were the chances?”

Then don’t write an article about UH and how they would do in the PAC 12. Just don’t consider them then. They haven’t been on an even playing field. Look how they did in the SWC when they were on an even playing field. Otherwise, just move on.

That’s what I got out of it and why I asked my question.

That’s a good point. But I think with our location and media market, our circumstances would be very different than in the AAC. I think Baylor is going to regress significantly without P5 membership and their recruiting taking a hit.

He’s actually being very fair. Hey look, you’re going to Final Fours now. We know you can do it in basketball. So why not invite these guys in the domain where they’re excellent and give them a little more time in football.

UH can put the PAC banner on 59 and 45 in the meantime.