And Vince Young's choice for B12 Expansion is

The coogs. Always knew I liked Vince. Got robbed for the Heisman. If only they gave it a few weeks later.

Had to round out the Switzer discussion.

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Wow, the Boz is on our side too!

How far we’ve come. When Young was in high school, we didn’t even bother recruiting him. These days, CTH would have definitely offered even if we had no chance.

Yes we did.

I remember bumping into VY outside the Rec Center while he was still with the Titans. He was hosting a summer camp at UH.

We didin’t recruit a lot of 4 and 5-star players. We totally ignored Elmo Wright’s nephew, Rodrique Wright, rated the nations best defensive tackle. All we did was send him a form letter and some brochures. No personal contacts. I remember talking to his mother and she was really down in the mouth about the whole thing. I remember her comment, “Mike, they don’t want my boy.” That was in 2002 and he signed with UT and went on to start for 4 years, before going on to play for the Miami Dolphins. And that’s just one. There were others. That’s all in the past, thank goodness. Now every high ranking recruit is on our radar.

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