Another School Year About to Begin

Are you guys serious? Kids might not be hospitalized but they can spread it to a demographic that will be, you know, parents, grandparents. Duh.


OMG, it’s only a few (hundred) kids we’ll sacrifice. You’ve got to balance that against the millions of Americans that won’t die of mask poisoning!


The proud parents of freedumb

Deaths are even more rare — almost extraordinarily so — with less than .03% of cases involving children.

Source abc:

So, you’re willing to sacrifice a child just to maintain your social convictions. Seriously?! Not even one child is worth that.

Unfriggin’ believable.

I think you misread the post he’s being petty sarcastic.

KUHF reports that the State of Texas is requesting mortuary trailers to handle an expected excess of bodies from Covid.

So there’s that . . .

The Guardian reporting it now, also:

Texas officials ask US government for mortuary trucks as Covid cases rise | Texas | The Guardian

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Well there’s that "derpity Marxism again"controlling lives by making them corpses… Sorry wrong the thread the Daddy Tucker addled are on the other Abbot thread currently.

But seriously I’m over it it’s time for the hospitals to tell unvaxxed accounts to f off and die in the best way they see fit.

That’s what I was going for…:wink:

I accept that I am a sarcastaholic.

I’ve known Ghis a long time (great friend) and he’s a dedicated sarcasthole, so you guys should get along fine.

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I resemble that remark.

And then we have parents verbally harassing a teacher wearing a mask . In one case
they physically removed the teachers mask.

Is a new thread coming for a soon to be third shot, fourth, fifth?

We all (I hope) get flu shots every year.

Not a problem.

This is not the point. I am fully vaccinated. The most vulnerable should be vaccinated.
The ones that are should get a third shot but are we now going to tell the entire population to get a third shot? This has no ends since we can’t eradicate a SARS like virus. It has never been done and CAN’T BE DONE. The flue is the best example.
The CDC keeps contradicting itself because it does not know. The data that we know if that the vaccines seem to work 97% or less for about five/six months then it goes down to about 35/50%. This is why we are seeing “breakthrough” cases. Iceland is vaccinated at close to 97% and they are now having a huge spike.
What is greatly needed right now before an “order” for a third shot is to let everyone know how many “breakthrough” cases are asymptomatic, very light symptoms and hospitalized.
We all have to remember the ultimate data. Covid probably made its way to our land around Spring/Autumn of 2019. We are now in 2021.
Is there data available showing the following:
Non infected population since 2019
Infected population that was not previously since delta variant and what level of infection do they have? Asymptomatic, mild, fever and hospitalized
This data has to be available for everyone to see. We clearly have no idea if a new shot is going to be needed every five/six months and you can argue sooner. The CDC and f…i have had the worst communication possible. New “faces” are expressly needed to start anew. This has to be done ASAP.
We will never get rid of covid.

Iceland’s total vax rate is ~75% (closer to 90% ages 16+) and their huge spike peaked at 111 cases/days and 0 deaths. That vax rate is at least one dose too, not fully vaccinated, although those receiving only one dose is only ~5% of the population.

Granted they have a small population (~350K).

And yes, we will likely need to continue to get boosters. It won’t be very different than the flu in that case. Good news is the vax is sending the Covid death rate to look like the flu (not there yet but we are definitely headed in the right direction).

A little more on Iceland - Despite having a very high vax rate, ~1/3 of their Covid cases are coming from those that haven’t received the vaccine. That’s more than I would have expected. I wonder if it’s mostly children?

Thank you for posting rtcoog. We still need to have these answers. The CDC and you know who has been horrible at communicating. Bad communications especially for the CDC ought to equate to a change at the top. Start anew. This is urgently needed. When you instill distrust to so many you have to make a change. I hope we can agree on this point.

I think it’s a combination of things. Yes, communication has been poor. Some of it is trying to get info out too quickly. Science doesn’t work well with that, especially when the general public doesn’t understand how science works (which is fine, they don’t have to).

It’s also the misinformation everywhere which is really pervasive. Some distort what’s being communicated and the data and people believe it.

But the CDC should know how and when to communicate things. And they don’t.


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