Any chance Grimes returns? (Update: Grimes Declares for NBA Draft)

Just asking!


He isn’t a first round pick. But someone might take him there. He has some serious serious stuff he needs to work on and I don’t think he’s league ready. But he did have a great year and I have seen him go as high as 20 in mock drafts so we will see. He hasn’t made up his mind yet, maybe he has unfinished business, but my guess is he’s gone

I was thinking the same…today.

If Grimes does not get drafted in the 1st round, he should return. Grimes need to improve his handles and be more aggressive with the drives. Too good of an athlete to just hang around the 3 pt line, and rely on the 3. If the 3 is not working, you have to go inside.


I believe there is a chance and this loss probably hurts him not because of draft status but he dont want to go out like this. If I had to pick I think he still goes.

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I hope so …think it would help his nba draft position …

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It’d be awesome to have him for another year. That’s all I’ll say.

I hate to say it but I think he’s leaving. Not sure if he’s an NBA player though.

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He is not an NBA talent right now. Obviously.

Has to be open to shoot. If you guard him he immediately passes the Ball.

Cannot dribble well, cannot create his own shot.


He’s improved as a shooter and defensively this year. I just don’t see him developing a pro style game here when he can dominate without it. I’d love for him to stay, but I dont think he gets what he needs to develop staying.

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why would he… coming back would improve him as a player…it would not improve his stock as an nba player

if you remove the self interest of houston the basketball team, leaving this year, and dominating the nba combine workouts is what he needs to do and best for him


Grimes is going and will make a lot of money playing ball somewhere. Just be happy for him and thankful for what he gave our program. Those were real tears of love when he came out for the last time as a Cougar.


Grimes biggest problem is his handles like they aren’t very good at all. He can’t break dudes down. He scores off of other guys creating for him. Right now he’s just a catch and shoot guy. And he’s just catch and shoot guy in college, it’s not like he’s killing guys off dribble or bullying guys but it won’t translate to the league. No like he can’t even get around guys like Myers. They had #11 on him during Oregon state game and he couldn’t even get around him. I can count on 1 hand how many times this year I saw grimes in a half court setting catch the ball and break a dude down and get to the rim. I know I sound like a hater I just don’t think he’s league ready and this tournament showed it, when he’s shot is off, he’s basically a sitting duck out there.


I think he needed a big game today , he didn’t have one , didn’t improve draft position …hope he comes back …

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He will not dominate any Combines.

I saw Birdsong. Is Grimes anywhere near that level?

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Everybody does realize the spacing is different in the NBA? The floor is a lot more open and he will have a career if he shoots the 3 efficiently. Handles aren’t something that usually gets better coming back to college. He is who he is at this point. He made a ton of big shots this year and I’m glad he was apart of the program.


He had some good drives and fade away shots but they weren’t falling. He probably will play in G league next to improve his handles

Good points. On a pro team Grimes isn’t going to draw the other teams #1 or #2 defender. He’ll be able to get some solid looks in the corner. That coupled with his defense/rebounding and the fact that he’s only 20 gives him a solid chance at sticking in the NBA.



I wouldn’t say that. He can dribble well enough to set up his own three. But he can’t or won’t drive to the basket