Any word on a mid week game?

Post game interview yesterday CKS said they are working on it, but seemed less sure. Any thoughts?

Its unllikely right now. I hope we do schedule someone because 2-seed is still possible.

sampson in the tv post game said there might be one, on the regular post game said it was unlikely,
at first i thought it was contrasting … but i dont think it is

i think he meant that we arent going to schedule a non conference, so we arent working on anything anymore… but if the conference gives us a game like @cincy, we’d play

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going to be tough. Most conferences are trying to make up missed conference games. HBU and TSU each have 3 conference games this week. Rice has 2.

If it is a home game I wonder how they would handle tickets. All the tickets I received have been used for some game(not necessarily what they were originally ticketed for),

I thought what he said was a little confusing, you’re interpretation might be correct!

I think there is activity going on within the conference with us Wichita state and others…it’s a lot of moving parts and horse trading …if it’s gonna happen we should know tomorrow

I’m guessing if a mid-week game is forthcoming, then we’ll know something within the next 24 hours.

If anything, AAC will realize it stone-walled Memphis and try and get that home-and-home in after all. Outside of that, I don’t see them getting another game in.

Memphis stone walled itself


Nah…they got screwed. The conference was on the verge of approving the other game and then pulled the rug out.

They screwed themselves by not winning in the non-conference and by not managing their covid protocols better. They also refused to play Wichita which would’ve been a Q1 game against a team they’d already beat by 20. They put themselves in the position they’re in.


How did they get screwed? They have had the fortune of getting more home games and now have to make it up. We shouldn’t have to accommodate them by having less time to prepare for the tournament. They had their chance to play @ WSU and refused.


thats removing a ton of the context…
they were offered a @wichita game…which they turned down…

2 memphis games made sense till smu and memphis got a massive covid break …thus leaving wichita with a really weak schedule

our second matchup with them was given to wichita which they turned down…the ones getting screwed is wichita and their tournament hopes, for memphis covid pauses


W…What you said makes absolutely no sense. Lack of non-conference winning? Where did that come from and what does that have to do with not getting to play a game that was all but scheduled until the last second? Maybe your point is bad karma, but none of those things has anything to do with why the extra game was nixed in the end. The game was about to be scheduled. Memphis is not gonna be allowed to play it. They got screwed because they need it (Coogs could use it, too). End of story.

Turning that game down was really shortsighted on their part. If they had managed to go 4-0 down the stretch on @UC, @USF, @Wichita, and @UH they would’ve not only made themselves locks but they could’ve won the conference outright. Hell even just going 3-1 on that and they’d still have a decent shot at an at-large with a solid performance in the AACT.

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You are reading too much Memphis PR !



if they needed the houston game theyd have taken the wichita game

if its about karma, its karma bouncing back at them, as they used one of the agreed protocols to make UCF play @ memphis twice


The point was that they didn’t make the most of the opportunities they had, and then wanted the conference to try and manufacture a path for them to get an at-large. They could’ve played Wichita, which would’ve been an absolute win for the conference because no matter who won, someone would’ve boosted their resume. Instead they torpedoed that and left Wichita with no one to play. They aren’t a victim in this at all. If anything they are the perpetrator.


Now if the AAC had never even entertained the idea of scheduling the additional game and said, “no, there’s no time to get it in, and therefore, we’re not gonna schedule it. You gotta play at Houston instead,” then fine. End of discussion. But that’s not what happened.

One game doesn’t make or break them. They still play @UH and have the AAC tournament. If they don’t get swept by Tulsa or beat VCU/WKU this doesn’t even matter.

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