Anyone else genuinely concerned about the future of UH football?

I’m feeling a bit eerie with all of this SEC/B1G discourse going on.

Seems it’s just going to ruin athletic programs in the long run


Get ready for Tuesday night football.

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Without a doubt going to involve congress and or the supreme court. The big 12 is way too relevant in multi sports to just say you are no longer relevant, and not allowed to participate in our new faction.

Way goes against fair competition clause, if there even is one in existence. My 2 cents

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The continual culture struggles within our University and the Stigma of being a subpar option for the children of middle/upper middle class parents…YES

We are actually going to thrive Athletic-wise, in the post NIL world!


Deficit spending will eventually catch up to the program.

Either UH starts climbing the hill and gets over the hump to self sufficiency, or someday dropping down several levels will happen and TDECU will be rented out and the new building will be repurposed.

You guys are all smoking crack


No!!! How much are we making versus how much were we making?

NO!! What concerns me is the almost constant whining about SOMETHING because some of you arent happy unless you ARE …Big 12 is a major player with best BB conference in country and FB that can win the NC if they do good in the playoff…and our champ and most every year our second place team will be there with the opportunity…SEC and BIG will never break away by themselves, because that would be STUPID and it wont happen…what they WILL try and do is control and dominate the situation as far as the playoff is concerned. The Big 12, ACC and Notre Dame have to make sure that doesnt happen. Requires strong leadership.


If we were as bad as we were in the late 90s and early 2000s then yes, but right now HELL NO - some of y’all are acting like we are going to turn into Akron, NMSU, or Temple


I actually believe we can put ourselves on the B1G Ten’s radar if we continue to grow our brand and academics in a 5-10 year window.

IF…IF…IF they want into Texas, we have to be the better option over Texas Tech and TCU.

I’m actually very bullish on the athletic side.


Not concerned.

UT will destroy the SEC in time


Why is there no scenario in some of yals forecast that have the big 12 surviving?

As if they are not capable of courting and SEC/BIG//Acc team

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TCU making the playoff shows you the disparity of how far apart the big NIL schools are. There are about 10-20 schools that will fight for the NC every year.

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Are you implying I’m crying about the situation? I have other entertainment options.

Our AD, on the other hand, expressed my sentiment just last month. Income, or lack of it, is a grave concern.

What are you writing about?
Do you even know how many D1 FBS programs are in the red? There are probaly only a handful of programs that can sustain themselves. There has been countless articles on the subject.
The only reason why mad cows u located in Austin is sustainable is because of PUF. From the very beginning in 1876 yes beginning in 1876 of the university countless amount of cash has BUILT IT UP what became the university it is today. It did not become this mastodont using a magic wand. Money talks and everything else walks. The same can be said of atm. Remember friends when atm got 1/3 of the PUF. This is from mad cows u:

I can’t find the part when atm had to sue to get 1/3 of the PUF…this document is from you know who…no surprises.
Some have the nerves to point out that our athletic department is being subsidized. I wonder why?
Coming back to the thread’s original point we have to accomplish two things and it has to be done as quickly as possible
#1 dominate the football BIG12
#2 get AAU status in record time
p2’s are real. It is not a mirage and it surely is not our friend.
Some of you might think that the p2 is not real. Let me ask you the following question:
If the p2 is not real then why did mad cows u located in Austin and okie joined the sec?
Why and remember that our Austin arch enemies thought/were convinced the BIG12 would cease to exist like the SWC…

Most. But only three other public institutions lose as much money as UH.

Losing $40 million a year is not sustainable. UH students have already voiced their distaste at the lack of return on investment. Eventually other stakeholders will voice theirs. Let’s see how ticket sales are this year to see if the season ticket base stakeholders have anything to say.

I just have a hard time believing that the goal of creating a power 2 is to exclude competition.

Seems malicious and violates some sort of anti trust

Danny, it is not about excluding competition but to maximize the money these schools will make. I do believe we are going toward a 48 schools system. That creates plenty of contents to have multiple sports channels.
We have to be clear and face the facts. When the power five was “in the open” it killed any chance for a Marshall, San Jose State to make it to the top…not like they could but it killed any chance of it.
March Madness works why can’t it work for football? Of course it can but this is where the big money is at.


I was making a sad face