Anyone else genuinely concerned about the future of UH football?

Allowing Texas residents in-state tuition to out-of-state universities raises the school’s overall GPA.

As a citizen of the state of Texas, I would object.

Pretty sure the legislature wouldn’t be too happy about it, either.

Texas is a big state with not a lot of top educational destinations. Should one of those start focusing its efforts on filling those valuable slots on out-of-staters, there would be a problem.

The state legislature should be concerned on how and when to open up the PUF to U of H and every other Texas public universities.

This kind of already exists. There is a fee waiver for out of state students who meet an academic scholarship threshold, or at least their was. It was my understanding that it was a state law.

That’s really only true if you count the number of schools rather than the enrollment count at those schools. Our flagship schools are much larger than those in most other states. If/when UH or Tech joins the AAU, we’ll be awarding more degrees from public AAU schools per capita than California, despite having about a third of the number of schools with membership in the organization.