Anyone know when Sampson

As an 11 seed they made the Elite Eight after their best player died in the conference tournament. They beat 3 ranked teams in the NCAA tournament including #13 Michigan by 34. They lost to the #1 team and eventual champion.

Almost makes an injured ankle losing in the S16 to the #13 team after beating 2 unranked teams seem like a weak excuse.

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Your “level as a booster” and avoiding the season ticket so you avoid the CP requirement are incongruent. CP donations as part of the season ticket prices count toward your total CP donation. I hope that was sarcasm.

It nears levels of “obvious” sarcasm. Or maybe it doesn’t if you don’t know the Funk Master.

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ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary “The Guru of Go” was very good. It was about Loyola Marymount when Westhead was head coach.

I’m not sure you could get players these days to play in that system.

Yeah, I’m still on the side of Shead leaving, but I’m not so sure it’s a slam dunk, given the circumstances with how the season ended and how Shead’s really not rated all that high (at least for first round) in what is an otherwise weak draft. We’ll see how he responds from the injury and the feedback he gets, but I can totally see Shead coming back next season. Either wouldn’t surprise me.

I’m not sure. Players who care primarily about offense and putting up gaudy numbers might.
It’s almost the opposite of CKS recruiting to UH where you have to be a defense first guy with offense as a secondary concern. There are recruits who aren’t going to come here because of that.

That’s the problem with sarcasm, it can’t always be easily detected in print; you can’t hear inflection and tone. No, I don’t know the Funk Master personally.


think this has a lot to do with high school coaches coaching a lot more like the NBA these days, and college coaches sticking with schemes that have worked. but that’s for the top recruits who are looking at the NBA after one season or two.

a lot of the guys who are vaguely self-aware would prefer to go for a team that plays well. that’s my observation, at least