Anyone See?

Late in the 1st half some fans got into it with Dana. Dana went Bill O’Brien on them and security moved him away. When he came back on the field, he stayed with the team and mid-field until he came to the sideline.

First time I’ve seen a coach get into it with fans during a game.


Shows you what a loose cannon he is.


Can only imagine what his time at WVU was like :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Didn’t see it but is ANYBODY surprised if this is true?


Dana is flustered. He knows he has to work much harder if he wants the team to improve and win. He is trying to avoid it because doing so will cut into party time and naps.

Fans that call him out basically hits that point home and that angers him.


If somebody has this, please post it.

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Damn. Dana is going to run off the last few thousand we have going to the games.

May be a smart move.


Not the first time since you referenced Bill O. Not saying it’s ok though.

Exactly that’s my concern that we will not have any momentum going into the Big12.


You should have heard his half time interview on cougar radio on the teams performance. He sounded discombobulated. Putting it nicely.

If true , then the tide has turned. That first quarter ending is the first time I have seen a team booed at TDECU since coach Levine years. Dana will have to have this team in the conference championship game to retain his job.


Even if the team somehow manages to finish 9-3 or 10-2 and doesn’t make it in?

This team will not finish 0=3 unless some major changes are made.

It was our section, directly behind me. Pretty wild that Dana told us to F off. In my 10-15 plus years I’ve never had a coach, come over to the sideline, stare fans down, and curse at them.


You should sent a polite email to Khator and inform her of that.


Dana and tune need to go.


My advice to Dana, you better win out.The expiration date on your act has now passed.

I am glad we won, but quite honestly I don’t remember being that mad at a football game as I was during the first half.

With that said, GO COOGS beat Tulsa.


Tune was trying to get OB but pulled up lame and laid down. He is hurt and can’t run. Just before halftime ended I walked over to the home side down by the bench and watched Tune warm up, he was very intense and seemed upset. 22 should have gotten out of bounds as well, Dana was really upset about that. He needs to quit going for it so much and kick the easy field goal when the game is close, that could have made the difference.

His buyout right now is $7.1 million. We’re going to have to endure whatever record we get from him.

In 2022, his buyout is $2.5 million. This is much more manageable.

Someone posted that the higher ups in the athletics dept has sent word that Dana needs to win at least 8 to 9 games this year or he’s gone. Not sure how true this is but we’ll see.

Feels like wheels are about to come off spectacularly.

Next 2 games will tell the story of Dana’s future.