AOC: Capitalism is "not a redeemable system for us"

She’d make a really good bartender


What she postulates has merit.

Then maybe she should move to somewhere like Cuba or Venezuela where could fit right in and live and suffer among her own kind.

The tired trope that business owners don’t do any work.

They don’t work hard at all. Just sitting back and counting their money all day and swimming in it like Scrooge mcduck.

Socialism hasn’t worked elsewhere because it wasn’t done right. We need to do it the right way.

(Dripping with sarcasm)

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There is a clear d.c. movement that has been going on for some time. This did not start yesterday. Here is the most disturbing fact:

aoc and others in swampy d.c. have a clear agenda. Destroy America at all cost. Remember friends she was of the commies d.c leaders to push for defunding the police.
How did we even get there?
How could a “defund the police” movement even start?
Do you think it is happening because of so racial abused when statistics tell everyone that the contrary is actually true?
No the aoc and others are being funded by the soros anti/america world’s funders.
Did she accomplish anything in d.c.?

She is a fraud. There are plenty of good Democrats. It is very, highly concerning that the Democratic is and has been highjacked by frauds like aoc.
She is greatly benefiting from the media that promotes her every which way they can.
Remember how she was pro mask?
Remember about this?


What is this fraud making?

How much more money is she getting from soros and others to destroy America?
Where is the irs when you need them?

This country was built on exploitation, let’s keep that way

Hmmm…this statement in the article kinda puts it in
perspective , but what fun is that ?

pursuit of profit at all human, environmental, and social cost

Such a savage, uninformed statement…

I had a student look me dead in the eyes with that exact statement. Wild moment, i debated of course. Creepy ideology, i said once humanity realizes they hold all the power it is game over.

I’m for capitalism bc it works and we have choices and can improve our standing no matter who you are.
I will say they should fund Medicare and soc sec to keep those 2 good programs working. All they have to do to fix soc sec is raise the limit from the 120k taxable limit up thru millionaires bc it’s for the greater good and they won’t miss the tax amount much. Then
on what the girl is saying, maybe increase unemployment to 1 yr for all states and increase the cost for unemployment ins for businesses that fire too many people over the course of a yr to make them more accountable in deciding to fire people. The 1 yr unemployment would be enough time for employees that are fired or laid off and increasing the unemployment ins cost by some amount that they think before they fire people , would help. This would give workers more cushion. I don’t want unions or communism/socialism. America is a blend of capitalism and some socialist aspects but I think it’s enough. We also need to keep Obamacare bc it’s working and helps people without company ins like hair stylists, people at Home Depot etc and part time people. So I hope the republicans stop trying to defund and kill it bc they have zero plans for universal health coverage which is important and especially now with covid where a reg person can end up in the hospital for a month or more.

Other than this, I’m for free markets and capitalism and it’s working bc we’re a blend of some liberal policies like Obamacare, Medicare and soc sec since 1929 or so with free markets. Old people were standing on st corners begging in the late 1920s then the dems did soc sec which the republicans fought against. Lbj did Medicare and the republicans fought it like Obamacare but those programs made our country better. We all know so many people that those programs helped.Id be for $10 min wage since they haven’t increased it to keep up with inflation but $15 would be rather difficult on businesses.

So final answer is we’re ok as is and can tweak some minor things to make it work for all.

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Works fine if you are the exploiter; not so cool if you are the
“exploitee”. Do I get to choose side I play on ?

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Think he’s saying that with tongue in cheek.

I 99% disagree with what she said about capitalism because she left out one very important word. Unfettered. You add that word then I agree :100:%!

Why do people only look at extreme examples instead of moderate and more numerous examples?

AOC doesn’t represent all Democrats like Louie Gohmert doesn’t represent all Republicans but they are both outspoken, both love attention and both are easy targets.

Some of what she says has merit, I think.

Also in line with this is skyrocketing college costs. Around 2001 rick perry, Aggie gov. , thought it was a great idea to deregulate college tuition in Texas to balance the budget in Texas without raising taxes. It also came with cutting funds to public universities and allowed schools to hike tuition up to make up the difference. Then this played out thru out the nation which is why we have the student debt bubble. This is also why the gov wants to forgive some loans bc the states and gov should be funding public universities at a decent rate to make it affordable and create upward mobility. UH prob is funded at 22% from state funds basically making UH a private school and it’s so for most public universities now. I voted against rick perry every time I could after that. When I went to UH , it was $400 to $800 a semester or so and the cost was never an issue. Now families have to take out loans bc of rick perry etc. I hate rick perry for this! Then he says oh yeah let’s come up with a 10k degree trying to back track bc he even knew he messed up and won’t discuss his blunder when asked.

Think in simple terms, you’d think people would get tired of spending more to feel worse eating fast food. In reality it takes 15 minutes to boil sausage and 35 minutes to do thin pork chops, and for the same price of a burger, you have food for days.

There are ways to “speak” with dollars. A local gas station wanted $7.99 for a twelve pack of Dr. Peppers, I said, you’re smoking crack, put it back on the shelf and walked out.



That’s fine. It’s the pursuit of profit at ALL costs( slight paraphrasing here) , what causes me heartburn. Relatively easy to construct scenarios, in which pursuit of profit above everything else,
is distasteful to many many folks.

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Well how can a company grow year after year, constantly expect to do better than the last? Even cells outgrow their prefered confluencey and then die

Maybe next time in her district the glass of water will win this time.

Both past and current records indicate that people in communist or socialistic countries are more unhappy then in countries with the right blend of capitalism and social / liberal policies. Europe is an ex. Canada as well will socialized healthcare for all. Canadians will not give up their healthcare for what we have. It’s why the ukaraine doesn’t want to be part of Russia. By nature human beings want to be able to improve themselves and not be capped by a system. America is great , we just need to tweak some things like on heathcare etc but keep the basics of capitalism. We can make America more fair thru taxation but not on the middle class. There aren’t enough millionaires in America to make it all work but I do think drew brees etc can pay more. Once your a 10 millionaire etc, it won’t hurt you to pay more in taxes for the greater good.